Crankcast Episode 83 – 050907

Spidey 3 is out, what'd you think we'd talk about?You ain't gettin' no love here Raimi.

This week on a sorely disappointed 83rd episode of the Crankcast … Taber is called in to console Mike over a bad movie experience. We talk for a minute about this week's Heroes and, of course, where would be without e-mails!

Should we bring the music back?

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24 Responses to “Crankcast Episode 83 – 050907”

  1. Leigh Webb Says:

    Spiderman 3 just should have been better.
    the Gwen role in the story could have been taken by Betty, Venom was wasted and should have been the cliffhanger between 3 and 4

  2. Brent Says:

    crap, I just bought my tickets for Spiderman online while listening to the show. Sounds like tonights gonna SUCK!

    Brent Schoonover

  3. Chris Burnham Says:

    Whoa… I literally JUST finished the episode where you first recounted the Brian Azzarello story, and then you bring it up in this episode, six or seven months later. Weirdness.

    The only thing you’re wrong about is thinking that Sandman should have been the only villain. In FACT, it is Sandman who should have been CUT from the movie. And then they coulda used up that time with more Eddie Brock and having Harry actually figure out the truth about his father’s death on his own.

  4. Mike Norton Says:

    Wrong Christ Burnham! WRONG!


  5. Chris Burnham Says:

    Double whoa… Taber’s got the same birthday as my brother!!!

  6. Leigh Webb Says:

    in Australia we have a charity where in work places guys grow moustaches for one month and get sponsors where the money goes to a cancer charity. the thing is called Moevember.

    we competes with the month when all Australians wear capes, Caperil.

  7. G. Noel Gross Says:

    Imperial Eagle Scouts? Sign me up!

  8. Heath Says:

    spider-man 3 was the best movie. EVER.

    just kidding.

  9. crank! Says:

    Leigh, for some reason when I read your post about Moevember and Caperil the voice in my head was Yakov Smirnov (sp?)


  10. vorpal keith Says:

    My only real issue with Spider-Man 3 is that it needed to be about 45 minutes longer – which I believe it probably was before studio interference. I would not be surprised to see a much extended director’s cut.

  11. Sal! Says:

    You guys are such fanboys for Spider-Man.

  12. Sean McKeever Says:

    I’m with you, Mike. Watching that film was mostly excruciating.

  13. Geoff Says:

    Finally! After a week of listening to so many people say how great this movie was, it was great to hear how pissed Mike was. I kept thinking the same thing, “Am I wrong? Was this movie good?” No, I wasn’t wrong, and this movie was NOT good.

  14. the amazing wally Says:

    Crank: I wouldnt be suprised if Fil Silva was serious. I wouldnt underestimate the power of the CGS forums.

    I think that they should use Mysterio as the next villian and just give the role to Bruce Campbell.
    Yeah i think thats the only really cool thing i can think of regarding Spidey 3.
    a matre’d.

    and for Taber
    I totally hear you on the theater goer thing me and my girl had to deal with a sudden onslaught of
    “what? what a bitch fuck that hoe” from a white guy.
    oh yeah.

  15. Mike Norton Says:



  16. crank! Says:

    Oh geez … I gotta apologize …

    I did not mean to sound like a dick about the idea of a fundraiser to get me to the CGS gig.

    I’m just funny about things like that and I don’t like accepting monies for my shortcomings.

    I’d like to go and if I can you bet I’ll be there, but I’ll do it under my own finance.

    I appreciate the thought though.

    How about finding me some sunglasses?


  17. the amazing wally Says:

    Oh geez … I gotta apologize …

    I did not mean to sound like a dick about the idea of a fundraiser to get me to the CGS gig.

    I’m just funny about things like that and I don’t like accepting monies for my shortcomings.

    i wouldnt worry about it.

    How about finding me some sunglasses?

    I could help you find some sunglasses but i think the ones i would pick would make mike want to punch you in the face.

  18. Jonix Says:

    Thanks for your bitchfe- uh critique on Spider-Man 3. All the guys on my message board that hated it have been convinced that they do like it. Now I know not to see it with enthusiasm.

    Have you ever noticed that D.L. snarls when he talks?

  19. multiple john Says:

    Ifanboy takes donations, T.w.i.t. takes donations and many other podcast take donations. We give money to Mike all the
    time. We buy his comics his original art and his drinks at cons.

    You should think about it; don’t dismiss it. If for no other reason than to make the podcast better and regale us with more well told stories.

    I don’t know if anyone here listens to escape pod. If you don’t give it a try for next few weeks.
    They are reading the Hugo award nominees.
    Getting to the point: if your reading this than you really like the crankcast.
    That means episode 105 of escape pod is for you. The story is titled “Impossible dreams” and I believe it will sing to our crowd. Well, it sung to me. Cheers!!

    fear the Yeti

  20. Drew M Says:

    “We buy his comics his original art and his drinks at cons.”
    … Mike Norton sells drinks? I imagine these drinks must be better than Crank’s Diet Mountain Dew, Whiskey, Grey Poupon and blended Spagettios.

  21. M. Bender Says:

    I can’t believe you didn’t mention Bernard the CSI butler.

  22. Paul Storrie Says:

    Okay, so I’m a little behind, but …

    Damn I’m glad to hear that Norton & Taber hated S-M3. What a godawful mess. I kept cringing through the whole thing. The last 20-30 minute ALMOST made up for the fact that the thing DRAAAAAAAAAAAAGGED up ’til then.

    Not only was it two or three films crammed into one, but it should have had another 2 or 3 rewrites to punch up the script to the point where, y’know, it was watchable.


  23. multiple john Says:

    “… Mike Norton sells drinks?” Absoeffenlutly!! I saw him last year in Dearborn during the comic convention. He was slingin’ mait ais and vodka martinis at Applebees dressed like Ooklah the mok. I wouldn’t have recognized him if not for his goatee peering through his mask and his sad but disturbing eyes. He looked like an ax murderer filled with hate and desperation I bought a drink from him. There was a hair in it.

    Fear the yeti

  24. G. Noel Gross Says:

    Um. I liked Spider-Man 3. Probably would’ve loved it if it were 20 minutes shorter.