Show Delay!


It's that time again.

We decided to have some fun and we'll be doing a cast from the draw night at T's this week.

Meaning that the show will be up later than normal.

G'night now,

13 Responses to “Show Delay!”

  1. Heath Says:

    you son of a ****! Wednesday is Crankcast day! How do I live my life now! ARGH!
    *kills puppy*
    This puppy’s blood is on your hands, Chris Crank!

  2. Thomas Katers Says:

    These creator delays are infuriating. I remember when Jack Kirby used to put out 10 podcasts a week. Now that was an amateur broadcaster!

  3. vorpal keith Says:

    Heath, why is your first response always to murder a puppy?

  4. G. Noel Gross Says:

    You maniacs! Damn you, damn you all to HELL!

  5. Josh Flowers Says:

    Was the puppy Ninja?

  6. Will Says:

    What?! I have to wait a whole day to hear how Mike likes Heroes but he thinks some of the things they do is stupid?!

    PS George Takai just chillin’ in a sword repair shop in Chinatown was just plain goofy!

  7. vorpal keith Says:

    As if the concept of a sword repair shop wasn’t goofy in and of itself? Go look through your yellowpages. You will not find a sword mechanic.

  8. Heath Says:

    first off, I always kill a puppy because that’s just how I was raised. When things got tough, we took it out on the puppies. We kept them around just for that. Like farmers have chickens, we had puppies. It’s a whole cultural thing. Second, my phone book totally has sword mechanics in it. We’ve got three. the first one is called A1 Sword Repair and Refurbishing, the second is Tashiko’s Pig Sticker Emporium, and the last one is more a general store, called Osaka Shine: Polished Metal Pointy Things. I called them and they do repair swords. They also sell shoe polish and leather conditioner. Go figure.

  9. vorpal keith Says:

    Dude! I know Tashiko!
    He ripped me off on some flambarges . . .

  10. crank! Says:

    This is why you are good folk.

    We lapse in the entertainment and you make your own, which pretty much equals and exceeds most of our shows.


  11. Miles Says:


    Draw faster!!


    Oh, I’m bein followed by stormshadow, stormshadow, stormshadow
    Leapin and hoppin is old stormshadow, stormshadow, stormshadow

    And if I ever lose my hands, lose my sword, lose my land,
    Oh if I ever lose my hands, oh if…. I wont have to repair my sword no more.

  12. multiple john Says:

    Um… Crank. You see whats happening here don’t you. Please… have mercy.

  13. the amazing wally Says:

    well your site is back up and running it seems
    but…where is the vodcast?