Crankcast Episode 89 – 062007

Is this Johnny Storm or Clint Howard?I'm sorry about the audio, I don't know what happened.

This week on an 89th episode of the Crankcast that can't get in the show because it doesn't have an exhibitor badge … Tim Seeley returns after many months to tell Mike what a fool he was for not going to Heroes Con, we get sidetracked by more horror movie talk and, as always, there's emails!

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17 Responses to “Crankcast Episode 89 – 062007”

  1. Thomas Katers Says:

    Once In college, I got blind drunk (surprise!) and went to bed. I woke up at 4 in the morning to find that I had stumbled outside in a drunk/sleepwalking freakout trip to urinate on the front door of my apartment building. I was wearing two pairs of boxers. I had randomly ring doorbells in my building until someone buzzed me in, I then ran up three flights of stairs.

  2. Thomas Katers Says:

    I would participate in a 24 hour podcast.

  3. crank! Says:

    Tom, I gots some ideas about it for sure.


  4. Taber Says:

    Homling 3 was the Marsupials and Howling 6: The Freaks was the circus side show one. Although I dare anyone to sit through Howling 7: New Moon Rising. It’s the worst werewolf movie ever made, and that includes Werewolf with Richard Lynch.

    Also Big Bad Wolf features David Naughton, from American Werewolf in London. How could you neglect to mention that?

    Finally, since I’m not on this week, I saw Ratatouille last weekend and it is the best Pixar film they’ve ever made and probably one of the 5 best movies of this year.

  5. Sal Says:

    I once took a shit in my laundry basket while in a drunken stupor. I didn’t find out about it until my wife accidently stepped in it the next morning.

    I think “Find Tim’s puke” would be a fantastic reality show.

  6. David Thornton Says:

    Chris and Mike,

    Your Wordballoon interview ( was terrific!

    I haven’t listened to episode 89 yet (I’m downloading it now), so if your WB interview was plugged, my apologies.

    David Thornton >>

  7. Sal Says:

    YEARGH!!! When you are going to spoil the end of a movie, you could give a little warning!!! I was in the middle of adding it to my Netflix Queue when Mike gives up the end.

  8. crank! Says:

    Thanks David, we didn’t plug it b/c we didn’t know it was up!

    Sorry Taber, I’ve got a mind like a sieve.


  9. Mike Says:

    What movie? We ALWAYS spoil stuff…. DUH…

  10. multiple john Says:

    This is the all spoiler show so… just have to roll with that.

    Asking a black person where they can get soul food is more ironic than funny{though ironic can be funny or just ironic}however if you ask them in front of a soul food establishment that would be funny.

    So the dream of the 24 hour podcast is real. Well that means all kinds o’ possibilities, guest galore, calls, contest, clips, how to’. It would be a party.

    Mike I am disappointed. I among I am living my comic book dreams through you vicariously. Unfortunately you’re doing the same thing through your friends. Next time go to the stupid convention and tell then tell us about it. I don’t want the best stories I here to to be 2nd and 3rd hand renditions. I want to here it straight from the he haws mouth. I want more “chocolate pocket” stories. The only way I get them here is if you get off fun ignoring bums{you too Crank}
    and “Get your @$$ to cons”. That or I have to go…. No-way I ‘m not leavin’ the house.

  11. ninja Says:

    Hey Crank I would participate in the 24 hour podcast. I don’t know what I would do but I can bark and attract really hot women.

  12. multiple john Says:

    Diatribes with broken sentences, fanboyism, out of control facial hair, fast food wrappers everywhere.

    Oh crap… I’m becoming a hero of the web. oh well ftw

    Hey Mike I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this to you. Now that you cut off your hair you kind of resemble some of the horror writer/podcaster Scott Siglers characters. Just thought you should know. A 6’5″+ 230lbs+ dude is in like…every one of his stories. Mostly their bald have scars and crazy with the violence.

  13. keith Says:

    I once locked myself out of my apartment naked, but that was a sleepwalking incident, not drinking.

  14. Heath Says:

    I love you.

  15. keith Says:

    I don’t know how to respond to that . . .

  16. Heath Says:

    you don’t need to. in fact, I love everyone here. You hear that, people? I love you.

    can I borrow some money?

  17. G. Noel Gross Says:

    Clint Howard RULES! …