Crankcast Episode 90 – 062907

it's Billy Zane!It's the cloves that make the man!

This week on a hefty 90th episode of the Crankcast that's sober enough to read the intro … Skottie Young joins us in the compound to discuss the finer points of Billy Zane's career, we talk about movies, TV and comics and finally we try to read email without passing out.

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Episode 90 – Time: 93min. – File Size: 42.6mb

20 Responses to “Crankcast Episode 90 – 062907”

  1. Drew M Says:

    It was Skottie’s fault wasn’t it… you can never trust a guy who used to draw Speedball or any of those murderous New Warriors…. that said, Nice to have Skottie back on the show.

  2. loraxxx j zynishter Says:

    i would pay good money for a tee-shirt that read “JANE!–TOUCH MJOLNIR, JANE!!”, or something similar…

    either, that or a tee-shirt of a baby tauntaun with a lightsaber–murderous rampage optional…

    love the show–keep up the goofy rambling (that’s right you guys are goofy, and you ramble–embrace it!!)

    thanks for being bright spots in my otherwise drab and boring life…


  3. Thomas Katers Says:

    Your podcast isn’t going to make it past the first marker!

    Then I will see you in hell!

  4. Matt Ricketts Says:

    Hey guys – Longtime listener of Around Comics (Paradiddle), first-time listener of Crankcast. I’m officially hooked after your discussion of werewolf movies in Ep. 89. Agree that The Howling is one of the best and I love love LOVE Ginger Snaps! Have yet to check out the 3rd movie, though. I have few friends around here to talk horror movies (including so bad they’re good ones), comics, and other pop culture (Star Wars!) with so it’s nice to know there are many kindred spirits online that BS about these things regularly.

  5. Singular Will Says:

    All I have to say about Spice World is after the scene where ELTON JOHN is swooning about meeting them, I could no longer suspend any disbelief.

  6. Jonix Says:

    Hilarious episode. A Jane t-shirt would be excellent.

  7. LIZ! Says:

    That is sooo on our list of tv shows to watch…right after buffy…and deadwood…mike’s a tard…gimmeninja

  8. crank! Says:

    Werewolf movies are second to my love of Zombie movies, but then most things are.

    I do love a good werewolf flick though.

    Katers!?!?!? Did you just kick our emissary into your supply of drinking water?

    We’ll have to send our army of saber wielding baby taun-taun next.


  9. multiple john Says:

    Holy crap!!! I don’t think you guys should talk bad about the Billy Zane. I heard he killed a guy because some dude was ridiculing his his performance in “the Phantom”. He kicked the nay sayer in the nuts so hard the dude standing next him died. It was the shock of seeing someone punted from the groinial region. Thats what I heard.

    Oh, next time “spiceworld” is on while your exercising Mike. Get off the bike and change the channel.

  10. keith Says:

    Comic book artists exercise?

  11. Frank Juval Says:

    First time listener to the podcast, via Skottie Young’s blog. You guys are hilarious.

    The part about how you’re opening up to more music genres as you’ve gotten older, and don’t care about being cool anymore was, well, cool. I actually did that in high school. My buddy introduced me to movie soundtracks (I had no idea you could buy them) and Harry Connick Jr. That’s when I began to explore music. Up to that point it was only hip-hop (i.e. Beastie Boys, Run DMC, etc.) and metal (i.e. Anthrax, Metallica, etc.). I got into old jazz (i.e. Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Dizzie Gillespie, etc.) classical, Latin, Dance, Techno, Rave, Disco, Pop, basically everything under the sun.

    There’s a ton of great music out there.

    Me likes Baby Spice and Ginger Spice.

  12. keith Says:

    Billy Zane kicked my puppy.

  13. Nathan Says:

    He wears mine like a wig…

  14. the amazing wally Says:

    Billy Zane is the reason why Jane is the way she is.

  15. keith Says:

    It all suddenly makes so much sense!!!

  16. Eric Houston Says:

    I NEED a Jane t-shirt. Actually, I’d been thinking about making one myself.

    Jane! Where’s my shirt, Jane?

  17. Leigh Webb Says:

    While crankcast episodes shouldn’t be compared, Best Show Ever!
    Taun taun with a light sabre slicing up Mike is just “Champagne Comedy” (Australian reference, you won’t get it)

  18. keith Says:

    I thought they smelled bad on the outside . . .

  19. G. Noel Gross Says:

    Taun-taun porn. Genius. Well worth the wait!

  20. multiple john Says:

    Whoa!! People love the Crankcast. Who Knew.

    Skottie Young: No more cons?!? Your my hero Skottie Young. I live my comicbook dreams through you vicariously. Please… one more convention.

    “Flight of the Concords”: I watched it for the first time tonite. I think the show is good ,but it might be a one trick pony. If you haven’t seen it check it out on the tubes.

    Highlander was a really good show. He was like a globe trotting batman with a sword instead of a utility belt. That was a good show. ” the Raven”, however was not. If you don’t know that show. You don’t need to.