Crankcast Episode 100 – 090607

Michael MeyersHey … it's still Thursday.

This week on our 100th episode we celebrate by … well … doing pretty much the same as always (104 is our birthday, btw). Tim Seeley joins us to talk about Halloween, Hollywood and hallowed ground … and then Mike does his bit with the emails.

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Episode 100 – Time: 74min. – File Size: 33.8mb

10 Responses to “Crankcast Episode 100 – 090607”

  1. will Says:

    100, wow! Congratulations guys! Hope we’ve been worth it.

  2. Crowley Says:

    Working and listening so here’s my play by play:

    Tim’s pride in Swamp Sex Robots being a band…
    fantastic… did he beat on his chest?

    Good on Mike for not being fucked by Apple…

    They can now probably send you your own texts after reading them…
    warrant less wiretapping being now legal and all.

    Halloween Vs. Hack Slash!

    Meyers going back in time to ruin credit would be the best movie EVER!
    Malcom McDowell + Walken = McDoWalken

    At least they didn’t put Flava Flav in Halloween…
    Jason in Space is the greatest horror movie of all time.

    Hopefully JJ Abrams will bring back KAJU!


    …Why is Hack/Slash dependent on a paper boy???
    ah classic Tim Seeley phone ring…
    Atom’s been really consistently good… Barrows hasn’t been on Atom since???

    Tim should have the files for LB2… on CD!
    From furry versions of Crank and Mike to Tim having sex with a monkey?

  3. Heath Says:

    Guys, seriously, 100 episodes is a big deal, and I’m really thankful for your show. It’s my first listen every week when it goes up. Thanks for the show, and thanks for doing it for us.

  4. the amazing wally Says:

    Congratulations Crank! and Mike
    Youve weathered 100 episodes of
    Not being on itunes
    Crazy emails
    random questions
    and more!
    Seriously guys great show
    Keep em comin.

  5. G. Noel Gross Says:

    Worth the wait! Thanks dudes.

  6. crank! Says:

    Hey thanks for the warm words, you’re making me feel all fuzzy inside.

    Here’s looking to 104!


  7. Sam Wells Says:

    104?! Nuts to that my friend. 105 is the big show and we all know it…

  8. Asgardian Says:

    Here’s another “hip hip hooray” for episode 100! Hope you have many hundreds more.

    Can we see the CrankCollie sketch somewhere?

  9. the Universe Says:

    Hey… um…Mike we’re cool now. Right? Sorry about those lefts and rights… but your the guy. You know the guy who always gets crapped on. I hope the refund makes up for some of it, but you know how it goes. There will always be somethin’. You guys keep the show goin’. It amuses me.

    the Universe is ….

  10. mellon Says:

    i’m rooting for a special “we’re all really fucking drunk” episode.

    maybe that should be part of the 24 hour podcast, you get wasted and then have to sober up, but are recording the whole time.

    i’m a genius.