Crankcast Episode 101 – 091307

Danny DeVito's on It's Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaThis episode you don't learn much but how to stress out.

This week on a 101st episode that demands to be in your top 8 … Mike and crank argue about who's more stressed out, our insidious plan for a 24 hour podcast and email!

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23 Responses to “Crankcast Episode 101 – 091307”

  1. multiple john Says:

    How to stress out indeed. If this 24 hour podcast really happens I’m genuinely concerned that I won’t like you guys any more. To much of anything can be bad even if it something you like. Not to mention Mikes frantic work schedule. I sure in part it reflects preparing for the big event but still must be vexing. That being said I’m just as interested in the post 24 hour podcast show. Unless that is in fact the swan song (i hope not) for the crankcast its one heck of way to go out.

    On another note a podcast called All games interactive had I believe a new years eve show or some holiday event show I’m not sure. That show is normally a lot of talk about nothing but videogames and sex jokes this show in particular was meant to go really long. A normal show 2 to 3 hours this show at least 9. It was mayhem thats all Im sayin’

  2. phh Says:

    the concept of the 24 hour podcast is great, and would love for it to come together (and who doesn’t love that), but soon there will be a 25 hour podcast and then there is only a matter of time for a 26 hour PC (maybe this word will catch on as an acronym for podcasts). And if you continue this train of thought… Houston 500 is just a round the corner, and is that what we want…
    //Thanx for killing a hour of my workweek…

  3. Thomas Katers Says:

    I got burned out on social networking with Friendster. I de-friendstered a girl who broke up with one of my friends…she confronted me in a bar in tears. I decided real life interaction is better.

  4. Chris Neeson Says:

    Crank, What’s this “I.T.” show you’re talking about? Gimme a link.

  5. G. Noel Gross Says:

    I want a 24-hour CRANKCAST. Not them other yayhoos.

  6. David D. Says:

    I am conflicted: The idea of the 24 Hour Podcast makes me worry for all of you but at the same time I also can’t wait to check out that 4am, darkest-before-the-dawn, belly-of-the-beast stretch where you are all coming undone, fighting and crying.

    Well, just remember to hydrate. You lunatics.

  7. Drew M Says:

    Chris, I’m assuming it’s The IT Crowd. To view it here’s a link:
    It’s a FANtastic show!

  8. Steve Says:

    I bet Crank is talking about this:

    Great show. Speaking as the IT tech, “have you tried turning it off and on?” is a pretty common phrase. There’s a US version coming to NBC as a mid season replacement staring Joel McHale from “The Soup”.

    Proabably wont be as good……

  9. crank! Says:

    They’re both right … this show is loverly.


  10. Drew M Says:

    Also, I agree with Mike: Always Sunny in Philly is a brilliant show. Crank! Get on Downloading that!

  11. Heath Says:

    Mike kind of scared me this week. I felt really bad for him.
    Crank! I’ve watched the first season of Degrassi Jr High because of you, and “acquired” season 2 and 3, as well as the first season of Degrassi High. Why have you done this to me?! It’s such an awesome 80s show.
    By the way, when you think about the idea of two guys, both in the neighborhood of 30, watching a girl shop for a bra, doesn’t that seem wrong to you? I think it is, but there’s no way I’m stopping watching. You’ve created a monster, Chris Crank, a monster who calls everyone a “broomhead.” Thanks!

  12. Lenny Says:


    I like McHale, but it’ll probably be the US “Coupling” all over again.

    Then again, it could be the new US “The Office”, you know “good”.

  13. multiple john Says:

    Hey, don’t the Canadians do absurdity well.

  14. multiple john Says:

    If the Beatles are overrated than how overrated is Elvis?

  15. crank! Says:

    Don’t you talk about the King suh.

    Deagrassi was awesome … I felt a little wierd still thinking that Caitlin and Spike were hot, but then I justified by saying that I wasn’t an old man looking at young girls, I was remembering through the same eyes that saw it back then.

    That show still rings special for me b/c I was going through the same grades when I was watching it (around a year behind) and it felt like watching a show about similar things to my life at the time.

    Probably the same reason I can’t really get any interest up for the Next Generation.


  16. Keith, yes THAT keith Says:

    I’m ashamed to say (slightly, at least) that I got a little bit hooked into the Next Generation. I was flipping channels late one night (that’s what insomniacs do) and I got caught up with one particularly episode that was part of a larger storyline that had a lot of echoes of my own life in it. I guess that’s kind of the plan of television producers though, eh?

  17. Heath Says:

    Yep, Degrassi REALLY reflected the times it was made in. As in, that’s exactly what I was going through at the time. I’m a shade younger than you, but it makes no difference, those issues were really relevant. The catch is, I never watched it when I was a kid. Believe it or not, I wasn’t allowed. I was sheltered, and my mom didn’t want me to see 13 year old kids condom shopping and drinking. But I will say that if I had had the show to watch at that age, I wouldn’t have felt so alone and different.
    And p.s., Crank, Spike and Caitlin are VERY hot if you look them up on IMDB and see what they look like now. Hubba hubba.

  18. Drew M Says:

    hey aren’t Spike and Caitlin on the new series? Cranks mention of the old series has brought up some memories of watching Degrassi reruns and I’m downloading All of Degrassi Jr High and I think I’ll try the new stuff too… Ahh, sweet nostalgia… I hope the show’s as good as I remember…

  19. crank! Says:

    The show still holds up, I think. I mean I sat through 5 seasons of it and didn’t get sick of it anyway.

    I never saw the movie finale at the time (School’s Out) … watching it this time made me sad. It’s a good movie, but it’s so damn grim.


  20. Keith, yes THAT keith Says:

    At least four characters from the old show are in the new series.

  21. Jon Says:

    The IT crowd is great (we do have the best comedy over here)

    I would recommend ‘Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace’ too, if you haven’t watched it already. I suspect you would love it's_Darkplace

    Oh, and if you looking for some brit comic podcasters to help out on the 24 hour podcast, I’ll find out if we (Q!PAW) are around for it.

  22. Heath Says:

    Darkplace is HILARIOUS. Keith and I have both watched it and highly recommend it. I’m sure he’ll be on here saying the same thing soon.

    Hey, did you guys hear the Wheel of Time author Robert Jordan died? He was only 58.

  23. Keith Says:

    Just remember who turned you on to Darkplace, Heath. You owe me something. Your soul perhaps!