Crankcast Episode 103 – 092607

It's nearly here!Extra long, extra pre-birthday!

This week on an episode of the crankcast that is almost as long as the Director's Cut of Lord of the Rings … Taber returns to reveal that he doesn't like it when Gamily Guy makes fun of Star Wars, then he lists the last great movies of summer while we talk more about the 24 Hour Comic Podcast before reading emails!

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Episode 103 – Time: 137min. – File Size: 44.2mb

16 Responses to “Crankcast Episode 103 – 092607”

  1. multiple john Says:

    I see you guys are checking your endurance levels. Lets see….
    mike norton
    f pr{ 4} comic artist need I say more
    a fb{2} an abnormally tall comic artist. I suspect not very coordinated
    s rm{26} because he can lift an air conditioner single handedly
    e gd{10} because he draws comics for a living. 24 hour comic podcast may cause a reevaluation.
    r ty{6} +2 column shift in pop culture ex{20}
    i pr{4} one of his close friends is a serial mail box defacer an he has figured that out yet the clues are all around him.
    p fb{2} he bends to the will of a technological sooth sayer and other marketers.
    Thats mike norton no time for anyone else

  2. Declan Shalvey Says:

    Hey guys.

    The IT crowd is good, but not as good as Black Books, which is brilliant. It’s created by the same guys. But neither match the sheer brilliance of their original creation Father Ted, which is about 3 Irish priests that live in a remote island off the coast of Ireland. I’m irish, so i’m biased, but i like all the shows ye like, and i thought that Family Guy/Star Wars thin seriously sucked, so i’m guessing ye’ll like it.

    Here’s a longish clip from an early episode

    Love the show guys, best of luck with the 24 hour podcast, i’ll definately be listening hoping to hear a Taber/Katers faceoff.


  3. Dawn Says:

    You are right! They DID say that Heroes Origins was going to happen over the summer. You were meant to vote for your fave character and they were going to write the winner into season 2. It didn’t go that way. Guess they decided to save it for an upcoming hiatus, but you were not mistaken.

  4. Brent Says:

    Great show guys, enjoyed Taber’s take on the Halloween remake. If you are desperate to chat to someone at the Minnesota Fallcon (which I have a feeling you won’t) I’ll be there.

  5. Brent Says:

    Lacrosse Lager is the original Pabst Blue Ribbon. That is why Taber thought it was good. Pabst is no longer brewed in Lacrosse but they got to keep the original recipe of the beer. Just wanted to drop a little useless beer knowledge on you.


  6. David D. Says:

    How many proofs of purchase from issues of The Atom do I have to send in to get a “Footy Pajamas Mike” action figure?

    Also, for your snack table at the 24 Hour Podcast (you lunatics) remember to load it up with proteins: Nuts, power bars, seasame seeds, etc. Too much sugar on a snack table is just asking for a headache around the 12th or 14th hour. It is one of those things that the catering companies who set up craft service tables on sets don’t seem to understand. And plenty of water.

  7. Leigh Webb Says:

    Gail Simone is going to be at the Melbourne comic book convention in a couple of weeks, I’ll ask if she can write in a knife wielding grandfather clock into the all new Atom.

  8. mellon Says:

    whenever taber is on now, i just wait for the inevitable sentence where he admits to yelling at his computer while listening to crankcasts he’s not on.


  9. Jon Says:

    Black Books is fantastic! If you like the IT Crowd, you will love Black Books.

  10. David D. Says:

    “Gail Simone is going to be at the Melbourne comic book convention in a couple of weeks, I’ll ask if she can write in a knife wielding grandfather clock into the all new Atom.”

    That’s hilarious– it would be like Exposure Therapy for phobias.

  11. crank! Says:

    mJohn, I have no idea what language your speaking, but it looks complicated.

    Declan … I checked out that clip … it reminded me of a cross between Are You Being Served? and All Creatures Great and Small. That’s wierd.

    Dawn … I thought I remembered something like that, good to know I wasn’t just being a dimbulb again.


  12. multiple john Says:

    Trust me it just proves how much cooler than me everyone here is.

    Speaking of good John Wayne movies. Sons of Katie elder, Big Jake, Cowboys; Cowboys is my personal favorite the first 2 are great typical pre seventies western style. The Shootist is really good considered his best I think.

    I tried New castle couple months ago. Fantastic!!!

  13. multiple john Says:

    Marvel superheroes role playing game from tsr back in the eighties. These are the attributes you begin with to fill out your stats. Nerdtastic!!!
    Now you know why your cooler than me.

  14. Josh S. Says:

    You’re right, Mike. Two or three bits from the Robot Chicken Star Wars were taken from previous episodes. I’m surprised Peter didn’t bring that up with Chris at the end of the episode.

    You guys made me feel bad for liking the Family Guy special. :( Although, a lot of the gags you mentioned were my last favorite parts.

  15. David Thronton Says:

    Hey guys,

    Is there a PayPal account that can receive donations to offset the 24 hour podcast’s expenses?

    Considering the number of people involved and the amount of food that will be consumed, I’d be more than happy to send some money your way.

    Hope all goes well!

    David Thornton >>

  16. crank! Says:

    Wow David, thanks for the offer but we don’t have anything in place for that at the moment.