In case you weren’t paying attention…

…this week's show will be a segment of the 24 Hour Comic Podcast and will be posted early-ish on Saturday, Oct. 6th.




10 Responses to “In case you weren’t paying attention…”

  1. Dave Says:

    24 hr POdCast predictions:
    Hmm..think Crank will lose it first..then Mike..and I’m thinking Mike will be involved in chucking Pizza at someone (probably Crank)..Skottie will draw this and it will feature in a future book..Skottie, how about a drawing of a cheese creature emerging from the Pizza??

    Just a thought! Be brave guys, you can do it..

    Dave, Sydney. Oz.

  2. crank! Says:

    Mike best not get pizza all over the fancy duds I havn’t gotten yet.

    I mean since this is hypotheticals and all.


  3. will J Says:

    Dave, Dave, Dave, my friend you have it all wrong…

    Taber and Skottie will have a clash of principles during the first 30 minutes of Bloodrayne 2
    Mike will go insane first after the Ghost of John Siuntres’ 3 hour of impressions
    Tom Katers and Crank will go to blows when discussing the what British rock movement influenced rock more: Brit pop or the Punk movement
    Hour seven will have Goldwalken, Doctor Doom, and Mike the cop discuss 14 century Chinese pottery of Ming dynasty
    somewhere in hour 9 Taber prime and Taber 2 will meet ushering us to a Kirby-esce, Kamandi-kinda… Tomorrows People world where talking animals will now rule.

    I’d just like to say that i respect Ninja as our new master!

  4. the amazing wally Says:

    Thor had better damn well make an appearance.

  5. Chris Neeson Says:

    Not only Thor, but Goldwalken better be one of the guest hosts!

  6. J. Torres Says:

    You owe us an hour!

    And I want to write the Dead Like Me comic book…

  7. dam dam di day Says:

    Tanx for the effort guys!
    Loved the 24h tingy, and you should do more movie comms.

  8. =shane white= Says:

    Nice efforts all around. There were some really funny moments. It’d be a colossal effort but cutting together the best of the best moments would be really entertaining.

    Wished I’d had been there. ;|


  9. MD Says:

    Hey boyz, help me out here. What’s the name of the song playing at the end of hour 6 of the 24 hour poiodcast? I couldn’t make out the lyrics but it’s nice. I’m talking about the Chris Moreno hour.

  10. crank! Says:

    MD, hour 6 was a band called ‘Eyesearsnose’ from chiacog, the song was called ‘SOS’.

    I’ll have a page up on the 24hour site listing the bands and relevant websites.