Crankcast Episode 112 – 112807

Skottie Young will eat your face!It sounds odd this week…

This week on a Crankcast that wants new games… we talk about games and movies before we move on to emails!

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Episode 112 – Time: 66min. – File Size: 30.3mb

15 Responses to “Crankcast Episode 112 – 112807”

  1. Rabbit Says:

    Scottie should go see the Libertine, it came out between the Pirate movies, I think 2006 or something. It’s Depp playing a drunk english lord. Not sure if thats just the sort of character Scottie was complaining about but it’s a great movie.

  2. Kris Carter Says:

    Haven’t listened to the episode yet I just had to say that the picture makes it look like you DO eat babies. Mike, you look like your going to finally kill Crank for the whole 24 hour podcast thing.(which I loved and am hoping you do again.)

  3. G. Noel Gross Says:

    So confused. Assassins is awesome, but it sucks? Guess I’ll ask Santa for CoD4 instead?

    Good to see Taber’s keeping WGA solidarity.

  4. David D. Says:

    Mike may not eat babies, but Skottie sure as hell tries to eat listener emails ;)

    Good show, guys, as always.

  5. steve Says:

    Mike? I thought that was a pic of Skottie.

    Why am I not suprised that Skottie was a Sk8ter? I can’t tell if it we be cool to hang w/ that guy, or if I’d just want to punch him afterwards.

    And Crank reading e-mails is wierd. That should be Norton’s job.

    OK Mike, NY ComicCon is April 18-20. KC Planet Comicon is April 5-6.

    I can understand if you don’t make it, but will shed a tear nonetheless.

  6. David D. Says:

    I have to say– There was a lot of foot talk in this episode. Perhaps… too much? Still, though, I would guess this was the episode of the Crankcast that the Mike Norton Foot Fetish Fans have been waiting for.

    At least this week Crank told no shower stories.

  7. crank! Says:

    Just for clarification, that is a picture of Skottie.

    I didn’t want to read e-mails, Mike made me b/c he didn’t bring his computer.


  8. steve Says:

    AH HA! I knew that was Skottie!!

    The fact that his mouth wasn’t shut was a dead giveaway.

  9. jimjim Says:

    Hey crank get a crankcast forum up and running already!
    wordpress has got one ready to go check it out

    Go crank go!

  10. Kris Carter Says:

    Sorry Mike! I met Skottie at Wizard World Boston, he didn’t look like that back then. Let him know that that pic makes him look fucking insane, he’ll take it as a compliment.

  11. Heath Says:


  12. the amazing wally Says:

    Skottie was at WW Boston?
    Dammit. I kind of wish i had known about him then. I would have loved to stop by his table.

  13. Zack Says:

    To Skottie and Mike.

    Hey, if you guys want a fantastic game that you will like, try “portal”.

    its part of the orange box, which is a great deal anyway. hope you check it out.

  14. Leigh Webb Says:

    so if Mike has hoofs does that make him Hellboy?

  15. crank! Says:

    nopers, that would just make him a freak of nature.