Crankcast Episode 122 – 020708

Awwww...You got your Ninja in my Mrs. Peanutbutter.

This week on a snow delayed episode of the Crankcast, Mike gets crank to watch his dog for the weekend, crank’s ebay car is demolished and the emails are spread throughout the show for variety.

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Episode 122 – Time: 62:30min. – File Size: 28.7mb

18 Responses to “Crankcast Episode 122 – 020708”

  1. Heath Says:


  2. steve Says:

    I haven’t even listened to the episode yet and it already sounds like a bad episode of Perfect Strangers

  3. Cammy Says:

    Yeah, just confirming I’m a guy. I’ve gotten the whole ‘Cammy=Street Fighter’ many times before, so its water off a ducks back. (WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN??)

  4. multiple john Says:

    Dude every episode sounds like that. Just no special guest this week.
    I used to love this show.
    Question is…. who is Balchi? Mike or Crank.

  5. steve Says:

    I tend to think they a little bit of both Larry and Balki in em. Crank schemes, while Mike goes along for the ride. Whereas Crank is most definatly the straight man of the 2 most of the time.

    But which one would get Jennifer and which would get Mary Anne?

    Plus, both PS and Crankcast are set in Chicago, so there’s that.

  6. Razorburn2021 Says:

    Mrs. Peanut Butter is Balchi.

    & if you’re looking for some good free games, Crank!, I gots what you need.

  7. Will J Says:

    PS. for those playing at home here the link of the things that made David Banner the Hulk.

  8. Will J Says:

    “Plus, both PS and Crankcast are set in Chicago, so there‚Äôs that.”

    That’s just spooky and if next we find out Mike and Crank worked at a sporting goods store I’m gonna pee my pants.

  9. Leigh Webb Says:

    so is that the photo of Mrs Peanutbutter?

  10. HeadOrange Says:

    Crank, I agree 100% with you on LOST. The show is dull, every season it feels like they are taking us in a direction and then the next season that direction changes, and things get left behind. The thing about a show like BSG is there as always been a direction since the beginning, and that over-arcing story has flowed throughout the series. Where LOST seems to change the story each season… :/

    I’ll still watch it though. Hell, what else is on?

  11. crank! Says:

    I keep forgetting LOST is on Thursday’s now… I mean c’mon, why are they interrupting my watching of Smallville and Supernatural?

    I don’t hate LOST, just for the record, I’m just not curious about it anymore. I wonder if that’ll change after it wraps and I can go back and watch it all in a compressed timeframe?

    Leigh, that is indeed a picture of Mrs. Peanutbutter.

    I’ll be Cousin Larry, that way Mike can do the accent.

    Razor… whuh?

    Sorry Cammy.


  12. Razorburn2021 Says:

    Meh… I think I was self-aggrandizing a bit. I just happen to have a few really good cracked PC games from some years back. Given your admissions about watching movies online, I made the assumption that cracked games wouldn’t offend your sensibilities.

    What I gots

    All the Fallout games

    Not that you couldn’t find any of these easily enough on your own time, but I like to free up as much of your time as possible for the next 24 hr podcast.

  13. David Thornton Says:


    If you ever start a donation drive to raise funds so that you can adopt Mrs. Peanutbutter and make her the show mascot, I’d be happy to donate.

    David Thornton >>

  14. G. Noel Gross Says:

    Glad to hear Crank back to his dad-joke telling self.

    No more guests!

  15. David D. Says:

    To help pass the time as we wait for the next Crankcast, there is always the Ultimate Perfect Strangers fan site, featuring FAN FICTION. That’s right. Perfect Strangers Fan Fiction:

  16. steve Says:

    “the Ultimate Perfect Strangers fan site” ?

    Example #3,489,564 of why the internet will lead to the downfall of humanity.

    #1,578,989 is, of course, The Crankcast.

    “Standing Taaalllll, on the wings of my dream….”

  17. crank! Says:

    Thanks David, but I’m not sure I’m a pet person anymore…

    Noel, guests are good… don’t hate on the guests.

    People will write fan fiction for anything… like albino porn.


  18. Scott Says:

    Mrs. Peanutbutter, sensational character find of 2008!