Crankcast Episode 124 – 022008

See you guys again soon.The man with the golden guns…

This week on an episode of the Crankcast that think Michael Bay should direct everything… Taber’s back to face his critics and give his thoughts on this year’s picks at the Oscar’s. Oh and email!

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23 Responses to “Crankcast Episode 124 – 022008”

  1. steve Says:

    Thank you for starting out this episode w/ my new favorite comercial. All that and Taber too?


    And because people will ask –


  2. David Thornton Says:


    Thanks for the review on Dog Bites Dog, which I asked about in November.

    By the way, when is your next appearance on the Crankcast? I’d like to run some of my upcoming DVD sale purchases past you.

    David Thornton >>

  3. Heath Says:


    I made the comment about Rotten Tomatoes almost a month ago on this very forum. I wish you had responded to me then and there when you saw it instead of waiting to address it on the podcast, where we could not have a dialog about it.
    I DO know what Rotten Tomatoes is, and I think my point is valid. People that tell you what movies you should like and what is good or not good do very little for me, because I often find that other people’s opinion do not reflect my own, and I don’t want to see a movie with someone’s notions lingering in my head. Perhaps my Meet the Spartans comparison was less than great, but my point was that other people like bad things too, and that I don’t think people should listen to critics or reviewers. I listen (and look forward) to your Crankcast episodes because you are just a guy talking about movies, and I can relate. Film geeks unite!
    I guess I’m a firm believer in trying something for ones self.
    The Godfather is three hours of absolute excellence. Citizen Kane is dated, and maybe over rated, but it’s still essential viewing. This may be the source of the “backlash” that Mike mentioned. They are a joy to watch, not work. But that’s just one dude’s opinion, take it only as that.
    Mike and Crank, I enjoyed the show, you guys rock for continuing to do it.

  4. theamazingwally Says:

    Only the first 30 minutes of the podcast downloaded for me. I dont know if its me or the feed.
    Anyone else run into this?

  5. Taber Says:

    Hey Heath,
    Sorry about that. I didn’t mean anything malicious by it, just commenting on the comment. It was my last appearance on the show in which you and G Noel Gross expressed your disdain for mentioning Rotten Tomatoes and box office grosses in my anaylsis. I had meant to write something on the forums but never got around to it. But Rotten Tomatoes is an invaluable tool in my opinion, in researching a film. But I will see most movies regardless of reviews, but it helps to watch the movie in context. Although there have been a few occassions in which I saw a movie at least a month before it was released and thus had no reviews to go by. And this is definitely my preferred way of seeing movies. This is why film festivals are so enjoyable. But I saw Kevin Costner’s The Postman about a month before it came out, and I remember thinking it was bloated but enjoyable. But then it was released and became the butt of all jokes. I also saw the upcoming film Stop-Loss back in November, and that one I can’t recommend. It’s tired and cliched, the story doesn’t really go anywhere and its politics are simplistic, despite some strong performances.
    So no hard feelings hopefully. Also, I will see The Godfather Saga before I die, it’s on my bucket list.


  6. Taber Says:

    I’ll probably be on in another three weeks. My recent Deep Discount purchases included The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.: The Complete Series for $22.19 down from $99.95. So that was a no brainer. I need to get a complete list of the Dragon Dynasty line as I think I’ll make an effort to collect all of them via Deep Discount, they’re all numbered on the spine. They just released Stephen Chow’s Royal Tramp movies last week and seem to release three or four new films every month. I still have to watch City of Violence, Seven Swords, and Jackie Chan’s Robin-B-Hood, as well as The 36th Chamber of Shaolin and King Boxer, I’ll let you know how those are (expectations are low for Robin -B-Hood. It’s Jackie Chan and a baby for 136 minutes.)


  7. Heath Says:

    I love you.
    No, no hard feelings at all. Thanks for responding, man.
    Yeah, isn’t it great when you can see a movie that you know nothing about? I’m actually at a point where I’ve started avoiding trailers for most movies, because I find they reveal too much about the movie. I do still watch some trailers, like the Indiana Jones trailer, just because I can’t help myself.
    In regard to the previous thing about Rotten Tomatoes…I think I’m just a rebel. I don’t like being told what is good and what isn’t, and that goes for all aspects of my life. I should start a band.

  8. Heath Says:

    Brisco County Jr for 23 dollars?!

  9. Will J pron. (HE-BA-HA) Says:

    Hello everyone…

    Taber, thanks for answering my e-mail. I wasn’t trying to call you out. Most of those films were from the AFI list of 100 movies and I was curious as to what you haven’t seen.

    Also thanks for the movie recommendations, I loved the Grindhouse Trailers (42 St. trailers) you recommended.

  10. Taber Says:

    Will, that’s awesome that you saw the 42nd street Forever discs. They just release a new one: Vol. 3: Exploitation Explosion, that one even has audio commentary.

    I actually took a look at the AFI list today and said “Hey, wait a minute these are in the same order of how Mike read them to me from Will’s e-mail.” So I figured you were using it as an example. I suspect if I ran down the list with you, I would have seen some movies that you haven’t. Like Kramer vs. Kramer, have you seen that? It’s pretty great. But really, I have no intention of ever seeing Wuthuring Heights, or How Green Was My Valley. Although I should never say never, because I thought I would never watch The Last Waltz but watched it anyway and loved it.

  11. David Thornton Says:

    Hey Taber,

    Thanks for letting us know about next appearance. An email with a long list of movies is in the works :)

    I got pulled into the latest DD TV sale as well; picked up the Flash series for $14.76 (vs SRP: $59.95). Seven Swords was pretty enjoyable, however, I’m a fan of Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai, so I’m a fan of any movie with the same vibe.

    David Thornton >>

  12. Crowley Says:

    Mike should be played by Josh Brolin wearing John Travolta’s battlefield earth kicks.


    I think you just need to watch Godfather I and II (skip III, everyone says it sucks) Seven Samurai, Psycho and Citizen Kane (if you haven’t already) and then Casablanca (which may seem like it would be tedious… but it’s not… the dialog is crackling even by today’s standards)… with those under your belt I think you’re good and could aptly reclaim you’re king movie geek title.

    As an aside I’d also recommend Jean Cocteau’s Beauty and the Beast, Fritz Lang’s Metropolis and “M”… which are all phenomenal.

  13. Taber Says:

    Crowley, I’ve seen Psycho, Citizen Cane and Metropolis. So I’m good there. I know that Beauty and the Beast is revered and I will see it eventually, and I will see M as well. Fun fact: the DMX, Jet Li action opus Cradle 2 The Grave began it’s life as a remake of M!

  14. Taber Says:

    Heath, you’re a moderator on the Comic Book Forums? Can you help me get registered there. I’ve registered a few times and have yet to be approved.

  15. Will J Says:

    As far as the puppet movies questions I remember hearing Crank and Mike already saying that the loved the Dark Crystal movie which was why I omitted it which prompted my e-mail.

  16. Will J Says:

    Taber for your login issue try sending the request to Bryan Deemer, he’ll be able to help you. or

  17. Heath Says:


    I only have moderator ability for the forum of my podcast. Like Will J says, you’ll need to contact either Bryan Deemer or Peter Rios to get onto the forum. It’s their forum,they just let us play there.
    I shouldn’t think you should have too many problems, though. I don’t know why it’s been so hard for you. You might want to drop your name…maybe say something like…”I’m trying to register for the forum, you may have heard me on the crankcast, the 24 hour podcast, and on Two and a Half Men.”

  18. ThirdCohenBro Says:


    You have mentioned a couple of times that you are moving to L.A. soon. I was just wondering what bought this on, and what are you going to be doing out there?

  19. Will J Says:

    And don’t forget to tell them that you’re big in Japan!

  20. Razorburn2021 Says:

    The brief talk about King of Kong made me laugh. Coincidentally, the first I ever heard about the movie was quite some time before the movie was announced at all from one MR AWESOME.

    For anyone who wants to hear him completely unedited, this is the way I found out about him to begin with.

    It’s a videogames-based show. At the time of this, they were broadcasting from a gaming lounge in L.A. The guy who ran the place was complaining about this guy who appeared to be homeless & kept bothering him about the state of his Missile Command machine. They asked to bring him up & it turned out to be Roy Shcildt.

    You wanna hear even better? these four files are a debate of sorts between Mr. Awesome, Robert Robert Mruczek (guy from Twin Galaxies who watches all the tapes), and Walter Day (Creepy old beardy zen referee).

    I know it’s a lot, but if you were amused by Roy in KoK, after listening to this stuff, you’ll wonder why the movie wasn’t about him to begin with.

  21. TheTimmyWoodShow Says:

    Hey, I never post on here but I love the show so this time I thought I would.
    I think everyone should cut Taber some slack on having not seen the Godfather. Everyone out there has a movie that is supposedly great but they have never gotten a chance to see. For some it may be the Godfather others it may be Indiana Jones I know some that have never seen Star Wars. The “great” movie that I have never seen but feel I should have is Blade Runner. It is impossible to see every single amazing film in the world. You can try but there will always be ones that you will miss. So Taber it’s ok that you have never seen the Godfather. I had never seen it either until a couple years ago.

  22. Heath Says:

    So the Oscars have come and gone. Personally, I was really happy with pretty much all the winners. My favorite movie of 2007 took home a ton of Oscars (No Country For Old Men) and of course Daniel Day Lewis got his as well. He seems so nice and quiet in real life! ;)
    I was glad to see the song from Once win, because I thought that was not only a fantastic movie, but a fantastic song. And to win out over 3 songs from Enchanted must be especially sweet.
    My Highlights:
    Collin Farrell almost slipping and falling down.
    John Travolta almost slipping and falling down.
    Jack Nicholson.
    John Stewart as host.
    Jonah Hill and Seth Rogen presenting as Halle Berry and Dame Judi Dench.

  23. G. Noel Gross Says:

    I stand by my RT/box office naysaying. This isn’t sophomore algebra. You don’t have to show your work. Just make your recs and share your glee without apologies to the mainstream. That’s why we dig you, Taber. (BTW: Apparently, I’m a RT critic so, um, know your sources.)