Crankcast Week 334 – 20120229

war horseTaber’s back and this time it’s personal!

This week on the Crankcast…Taber comes on only to find Mike’s missing, so he has to just put up with me. We talk some movies, TV, a little Academy and Taber’s role as War Horse.

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6 Responses to “Crankcast Week 334 – 20120229”

  1. David Thornton Says:


    I believe the show you were trying to remember (strangers trapped in ghost town and surrounded by cameras) is “Persons Unknown.”

    Really enjoyed the “Revenge” talk. However, the story feels like Emily is about to turn from hunter to hunted as her sensei begins his takeover of the Graysons’ financial firm.

    Taber, any chance you could share a photo or two of your DVD/BD cabinets? I’m curious how you store your collection since I’m considering building my own shelves. Also, when you decided to start buying BD, what was your decision-making process for deciding which movies/TV show sets to upgrade?

    Terrific show as always, and I look forward to the next one.

    David Thornton

  2. crank! Says:

    “Persons Unknown,” that’s it! My brain has gone all swiss cheese and I can’t even remember a thing from a year or two ago.

    So I watched the episode “Revenge” following the one I was talking about and now I’m not sure what I think about it any more…I liked the play up to the beginning the first half had and now it’s gone to present time it just doesn’t seem as interesting.

    I guess I’ll see where it goes for a few more eps.

  3. erroll Says:

    Good show!

    I like revenge, but I’m worried that they won’t be able to keep it up for the long term.

    I would love to hear Cranks dad on the show, that would be AWESOME!

  4. Taber Says:

    Hey David,
    I’ll try to take some pics and send them to crank to post somewhere. I have a whole room that contains my DVD’s but the Blu Rays I keep in the living room, although I’ve run out of storage space for those as well. I used to buy these large capacity Atlantic shelving units with adjustable shelves from Best Buy. However, it seems now they only offer units with fixed shelving which absolutely suck. There is so much wasted space because the fixed space between shelves is way too much. I bought one for my CD collection, not knowing that they were fixed shelves. I have a ton of overflow of CD’s now, whereas if I had the old, adjustable shelf unit, I would have at least two more rows to expand the collection. I see that Best offers the adjustable shelf units, but they’re almost $100 more than I remember paying in the past, but I do recommend them since I’ve had many of my shelves for almost 10 years.

    As for deciding which movies to upgrade. I’ll basically upgrade if it’s a negligible cost. For instance a lot of the Miramax films that Lionsgate is releasing can be found for $5-$8, that warrants an upgrade and I can trade in the DVD copy for a $5 coupon whenever Best Buy runs their Upgrade & Save promotions. There’s also a used media place by my house that sells “Used” items that are brand new. I think people at the studios bring them in for cash because a lot of times they are on the shelves 2 or 3 weeks before their actual release date. But that store runs crazy specials like Buy 2 get 1 for $1, so I usually pick up a lot of stuff I would never pay full price for. And that’s when I usually do most of my trading up. I also feel like a lot of movies from the 1980’s and prior don’t really warrant an upgrade since Blu-ray’s make them look too clean and scrub all evidence that it was shot on film. I want them to at least resemble what they looked like when I saw them as a kid.

  5. David Thornton Says:


    Many thanks for the recommendation. Unfortunately, it sounds like you and I are in the same boat in terms of number of sets and the limited amount of space. Looks like I’m about 80% certain that I will be building my own shelves in the near future since I want to maximize the amount of space I have for my collection. Look forward to viewing your photos, though. Just might give me some ideas on design.

    Also, many thanks for the info on Best Buy. I’ve pretty much given up on b&m stores (except for food), but I just might have to visit BB in the near future.

    By the by, how much thought do you give to sorting the collection? For me, if I have, say, an Iron Man 1990s animated series DVD set and the first Iron Man movie, I will place animated series first. And then all of my James Bond movies are together rather than breaking up the set and alphabetizing the individual movies with the rest of my collection.

    Talk about your high-class problems, huh? :)

    David Thornton

  6. Taber Says:

    As far as organizing goes, they are all generally in alphabetical order. But like you, my James Bond movies are all together under “B”. As are the Child’s Play movies, since they went to Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky, they’ll still be categorized under C for Child’s Play.

    I also have many on the Dimension Extreme Titles and Dragon Dynasty Hong Kong films, and those I categorize under D.

    As of last week though I’m officially out of space, so any future purchases are being stacked on top of each other on the shelves or in the little spaces between the shelves, wherever I can find space, and my wife will not allow me to get another shelf. Mostly because there’s no room for one.

    I have a friend who is having a baby and has to get rid of all of his stuff to make room for a Nursery. He had to sell all of his DVD, movie posters, etc. I am of the mind set that there’s room for everything. If I purged my collection of the movies I absolutely have no use for or will never watch again, I could probably get rid of a few hundred out of 3000. And that wouldn’t free up much space to make it worth it. I know eventually we’ll have a house of our own and there’ll be ample space for everything.