Crankcast Week 606 – 20170517

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

Sloooooth!Meet Steve.

This week on the Crankcast… A sloth, a bat and very different versions of the future. Ryan sort of has a baseball minute. There’s email!

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Week 606 – Time: 100min. – File Size: 45.8mb

Crankcast Week 541 – 20160217

Wednesday, February 17th, 2016

John Carpenter's Lost Themes IICarpenter’s got a new album out!

This week on the Crankcast… Congratulations to Jenny the Former Announcer on her pending nuptials! The Cabin Fever remake, Italian horror movies, Charlie’s Angels and John Carpenter take up the bulk of this show. Mike needs coffee.

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Week 541 – Time: 65min. – File Size: 29.8mb

Crankcast Week 536 – 20160115

Friday, January 15th, 2016

Brobots!Robots that are bros!

This week on the Crankcast… we’re joined by J. Torres, comic-booker and Canadian, to talk about the book he did with Sean Dove called BROBOTS. Sort of. It takes a while. And there’s a banana involved. Brobots is available for the all-important pre-order now!

Preorder now!

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Week 536 – Time: 75min. – File Size: 34.4mb

Crankcast Week 518 – 20150910

Thursday, September 10th, 2015

Khaaan!Come to the show!

This week on the Crankcast… Mike’s standing tall, Crank cooks, and Sean’s carrying baby wipes in the future. Tim’s there too. And there’s a disturbing question via email.

Come see some of us at the Cincy Comicon this weekend!

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Week 518 – Time: 72min. – File Size: 33mb

Crankcast Week 517 – 20150902

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015

ChiroChiropractice makes perfect!

This week on the Crankcast… crank buys a staplegun! Mike has weird Manga Studio issues! Chiropracter visits! We talk about expanding our skillsets! Wow!


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Week 517 – Time: 75min. – File Size: 34.4mb