Crankcast Episode 85 – 052307

Goodbye Veronica Mars, we'll miss you.Hi there! The site seems to be working ok for the moment.

This week on an 85th episode of the Crankcast that demands more cake … Mike returns from his birthday weekend in Tennessee a changed man and dicovers that crank has left the compund once again … We discuss the endings of all our favorite TV shows and read emails.

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Episode 85 – Time: 66min. – File Size: 30mb

18 Responses to “Crankcast Episode 85 – 052307”

  1. Drew M Says:

    Hey Crank!
    As a Martian(Veronica Mars Fan) too, I must interject: While Veronica Mars is “canceled”, they aren’t calling it the series finale, but they’re calling it the Season Finale. Rob Thomas(the show’s creator) and Kristin Bell have apparently been “in talks” with network execs. This causes me to think that they might be relaunching as a completely new, Mars related, show… You may now return to your regularly scheduled Crankcast.

  2. Dave Says:

    Just thought I’d chime in with:
    Caracas is the capital of Venezuela.

  3. Heath Says:

    man I missed you guys while you were gone. Can I have a hug?

  4. Dave Says:

    after listening to the WHOLE episode, i now feel like an idiot.
    thank you.

  5. Thomas Katers Says:

    No traffic on a Sunday….amazing

    The one thing I truly hate about Chicago is trying to drive somewhere in the city on a weekend.

  6. will Says:

    Crank, maybe its me but when I try to download the episode from the RSS feed from work or home I’m getting nothing. Not the old episodes or the new ones. I’m guessing I may one of the few people not using iTunes anymore.

  7. multiple john Says:

    Yes I did. At first it was bit confusing When I read Dr. Strange “the oath” I saw in the credits “Marcos Martin”. I thought is that code? Yes.. code; but for what? Then I did some digging and found a copy of the old Doc strange movie form the seventies. I watched that movie five times in a row looking for any clues about this “Marcos Martin”. Aside from the massive hang over from all the beer that I consumed while watching that movie{very necessary to watch that movie}. I came up with nothing. I did notice my mustache had grown very thick and there were great pauses in my speach not to mention the samurai soldiers that were surrounding me. Apparently if you watch that movie five times in a row at just the right time of day its send you back to 17th century japan, but thats another story. Anyway I realized that Marcos Martin is just the name of a fantastic Steve Ditko like artist.
    Oh… I did see Mikes pin up on comic sketch gallery it was really cool.

  8. G. Noel Gross Says:

    Crank the Action Figure Pornographer’s finest work was his early exploration of sapphic themes with G.I. Joe’s “Baroness” and Leia in the cast-iron bikini.

  9. crank! Says:

    Hey will, not sure what you’re using or if this will help, but try and see if that works in your feed reader.

    Thanks for the VM heads up Drew.

    Hugs all around,

  10. ninja Says:

    Hey Crank you’ll never guess who this is. Its me Ninja. Since my training began I’ve learn to sit, speak, tolerate the evil one {Kenny} and post on the web site. I still can’t walk down the stairs. I listen to the crankcast every chance I get.

    That swimming pool was pretty scary I thought I was a goner for sure, then Mike swooped in and saved me. What I can’t figure out is why Mike put me in the pool in the first place. Alls well that ends well I say.

    Wow Crank who knew….You’re a pimp and a pornographer. Now we Know why they call you CRANK.
    Can you hook me up with some b@%#$

  11. crank! Says:

    Noel, I think I’ve reached new filmographic heights with “Spider-Man loves Mary Jane (from behind)” though.

    Truly my best work to date.


  12. Mike Norton Says:


  13. Leigh Webb Says:

    my iTunes hasn’t picked up the vid cast nor this episode, is there a reason for this?

  14. Heath Says:

    Ninja, does Mike ever touch you inappropriately? When he’s giving you a bath, does he linger too long on certain areas? If he does, I want you to know that it’s not your fault. There is help. call 1-800-badtuch.

  15. crank! Says:

    Leigh, I’m not sure why iTunes would stop registering our feed, but I’ll look into it.

    Come to think of it, I was never sure why they started reading our feed after months of not.



  16. Leigh Webb Says:

    it’s okay on iTunes now.

  17. crank! Says:

    I was checking it earlier today on someone else’s computer and it was still stuck at 83 … so 84 and 85 are a go now?

    Good news, if so.


  18. Rick Says:

    If you guys are having a Captain America movie night, you may want to track down a copy of the Turkish film “3 Dev Adam”. Captain America teams up with Mexican wrestler/superhero Santo in an attempt to stop Spider-Man from destroying the world. (Yes, Spider-Man is the villain in this film). Wikipedia has an image of the awesome movie poster.

    There’s a limited edition DVD available. It has the original Turkish audio with English subtitles. However, it’s a PAL DVD so you’ll need a player that can handle PAL.