Crankcast Episode 86 – 053007

Mark Hamill rocks.Mike and I are only a little older than Star Wars is.

This week on an 86th episode of the Crankcast that wishes mom hadn't sold all the figures in a garage sale … we look back on how George Lucas has brainwashed us, we chat a bit about the LOST season finale and how waiting a year for the next episode is bogus before we finish with some emails.

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Episode 86 – Time: 60min. – File Size: 27.4mb

7 Responses to “Crankcast Episode 86 – 053007”

  1. G. Noel Gross Says:

    I’m holding hope Ronnie Moore makes good on his promise of a Pegasus mini before year’s end.

  2. Will Says:

    Hey Crank, great call on Stormshadow Issue.

    I don’t pick-up G.I. Joe other then the 25cent a while back ago. On the strength the issue and a Memorial Day 20% sale I also picked up the Snake-Eyes and Scarlett Declassified that I heard good things about.

  3. keith Says:

    I’m pretty sure that Peter could only use one power at once, thus the no flying option.

  4. crank! Says:

    Noel, I keep hearing about this Pegasus Mini thing … I don’t know the exact details, but much like Zarek I don’t really care what the Pegasus was up to before we saw it interact with our group of folks and to step so far back in time after this season’s cliffhanger just leaves me sort of feeling washed out.

    I’ll probably watch it anyway, but hey I gotta bitch.

    So did you dig that Storm Shadow Will? I got a big kick out of it, it’s so chaotic and fun. What’d you think of Snake Eyes and Scarlett?

    Keith! That would totally make sense, I’ve never seen that spelled out anywhere but that would at least give the loophole.


  5. the amazing wally Says:

    Hey Crank! and Mike
    Seeing as how the Jedi were brought up in this weeks episode:
    The Jedi Religion Movement

  6. keith Says:

    I can justify anything.

  7. multiple john Says:

    I saw episode 2 three times, twice opening weekend. Every time I saw star wars. I was with a different group. Yet every time I saw that movie I hated my self a little more. I was ready to rip Mike for being nerdier than me for his love of a movie he hates, but I realized I listen to his show. A show featuring a co-host {Mike Norton} who had seen star wars episode 2 four times on its opening day. I’m nerdier than you by default.

    Hey everyone. If you think its a good idea for Crank and Mike to be cloned and have their d.n.a mixed {creepy} I only have one thing to say. “Zombie Jedi” The world wouldn’t survive. Think about it.