First Episode: 10/11/05

Well, we did it!.. And man.. it turned out to be a long one!  What’d we cover? …

Erik Larsen’s CBR column about creators doing new original material.

Carla Speed McNeil’s FINDER going to the web.

Crank and Mike "sort of" introduce themselves.

We play "Scarred Heart" by The Vladimirs.

Mike talks about the lecture he gave at the Minneapolis College of Art.

We went over Tim Seeley’s Hack/Slash Stagefright playing here in Chicago.

Check us out next week for more wackiness!

Episode 01
Time: Approx. 46min.
Size: 21.1mb

2 Responses to “First Episode: 10/11/05”

  1. Jeff Rodgers Says:

    Congratulations Norton!
    You dont sound at all like someone who has weak ankles.

    Very nice drawing on the home page.

  2. SDOVE Says:

    Whoa it didn’t suck! Nice jobs dudes, and you said my name, thats +10 points in the book.