Episode 09 – 120705

Badtz-Maru BassNumber 9, number 9, number 9 … we’re not a revolution, we’re the fun bit afterword where you go out with some friends and drink!


This week:

  • Jenny the announcer joins us in the fun starting off by making fun of the Badtz-Maru bass I want.
  • Mike and Jenny then go on to laugh at my recent purchases from Mile High Comics after which Mike recounts a tour he took there.
  • Jenny gives us the skinny on Will Eisner’s book, ‘the Plot’. It’s the first comic she’s ever bought!
  • Finally we talk a bit about Rocketboom (a vidcast),  a couple of podcasts that are good listenin‘, and Mike recommends you pick up the Marvel Christmas Special.

This week’s music clips are ‘What we do on Christmas’ by Atom and his Package and ‘Kringle’ by Browitzer.

– crank!

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One Response to “Episode 09 – 120705”

  1. john siuntres Says:

    Boys, GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!!

    First Crank drops THE LAST STARFIGHTER reference . I love that movie. Robert Preston doing his Music Man con artist persona, and he has an alien Rubber mask moment ( or maybe it’s a stunt double ) , and a funny leading kid who has a “what the fuck” look on his face that keeps this film from dripping with sachrin.

    The film is actually pretty entertaining, given its very early CGI effects. I think it’s a decent 80’s teen comedy, with fun cheesy sci-fi action. Compared to bad live action Satuday stuff like JASON OF STAR COMMAND, this is CITIZEN KANE.

    Then, the Mack Bolan Excecutioner comic books. I must get them. I’ll be checking Mile High later.

    I have a couple Mack Bolan novels, and a short story collection of great pulp detective stoires, inculding one of the few Mack Bolan Short stories.

    The backstory of who published these types of novels is interesting. It’s the romance companies like Harlequin, that wanted to serve male readers too.

    Tell me the Punisher isn’t based on this dude?
    When, or if, I do track Gerry Conway down for an interview, I’ll have to ask that question (in a well thought out, delicate way). It’s too coincidental, both are waging one man wars against the Mob? Bolan was a little more sane then Castle.

    BTW THE PLOT is an amazing last performance from Eisner. Just a genius level production.