Crank needs help!

Crank's Silent Hill Entry


I don’t usually do this.

It’s for a poster contest Sony is holding for the new Silent Hill film.

I don’t expect to win but I’d like to feel like I made a good showing

Click that link at the top and hit vote now if you think it’s ok …. I’m sorry to do this but they have wierd rules of popularity geared to High School students rather than working folk.

thank you for your time,

2 Responses to “Crank needs help!”

  1. Groble Says:

    can someone explain to me how this works? i couldn’t find any kind of gallery so can people only see the posters by being given a link? if this is the case surely it doesn’t matter how good your poster is becuase you just give the link to your friends and they’ll vote for it. so the winner is the person with the most friends?

    am i not getting this?

  2. crank! Says:

    You’re getting it alright …

    They changed the rules after the deadline – prior to that it was supposed to work as an online public vote for the first round.

    Now it’s like a highschool popularity contest … sorta sucks.