Episode 16 – 012506

Itty Bitty Ditty Bag!16 with a fresh permit … rocka rocka!

This week we’re joined, again, by the mysterious Tim Seeley as we record from a brand new location … the couches in the living room!

We talk about Tim’s new project and how hard it is to be jerk when you’re the one in charge.

We also go over the merits of G.I.Joe the Movie, a strange superhero teamup, Infinite Crisis #4 (holy crap I tell you!), and Jenny the Announcer’s birthday at a divebar. 

Feat. music by Bad Religion and the Descendents (I know, it was supposed to be Nick Cave but I goofed, such is life).

Comments here, mail here and the ever present plea for friendship.

– crank!

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4 Responses to “Episode 16 – 012506”

  1. Sean McKeever Says:

    That publishing simulator sounds great!

    Fun to hear Tim on the show again. I’ll be sure to check out Loaded Bible.

    Mike started singing the Puerto Rico song when we were laid over in PR on the way to the BVI, but he apparently forgot, the bozo. Don’t forget that Hoobastank was the free concert at Cuervo Nation! HOOBASTANK! PHATT MATT FOREVER!

  2. Groble Says:

    What i want to know is when young mr mckeever will be on the show. the fan(s) demand it.

    and yeah loaded bible sounds like a fun read.

  3. Paul Storrie Says:

    Damn. Big kudos to Tim for the funniest close to a Crankcast ever. And, yeah, I’m pretty sure that covers the future as well as the past.


  4. Tobey Cook Says:

    Great show, guys.

    Hey Mike – I want to know how to get in on that beta for the comic book publishing simulator. It sounds really cool, and something that’s right down my alley.

    If you could, drop me a line and let me know who I need to get in touch with to get in on that beta? You can email me at pounce@gmail.com :)

    Thanks, and keep up the good work, guys. It’s loads of fun listening to you guys, and I have to say I think this show was the best so far.