Episode 22 – 030806

Voyagers! Great Television!22! Small game only …
This week I terrify Mike with pics of me in my underwear, stories of faulty computer hardware, a horror convention and the T.V. show Voyagers! Mike then bitches about taxes, work and game shows.

Feat. music by Mazinga and Sorry About Dresden.

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Episode 22 – Time: 46min. – File Size: 21mb

7 Responses to “Episode 22 – 030806”

  1. David Thornton Says:


    Below are a list of stores that selling copioes of Voyagers: The Complete Series on DVD:

    And if you really want to show your love for the series:
    1. http://tvpast.com/pages/13/index.htm
    “VOYAGERS!” SERIES (Includes Boxes & Artwork) – Just $85.00
    24Kt. Gold Plated VOYAGERS “V” LOGO Medallion with Necklace! – Just $27.50
    VOYAGERS “V” Keychain Medallion – Just $15.00

    2. http://tvpast.com/pages/31/index.htm
    Genuine 12 inch full size Voyager Bogg Action Figure!
    Working Figure with full range of motion
    Semi Functional Voyagers Mini OMNI! Fits right on Bogg’s belt…Cool!
    Clothing is REAL MATERIAL not fake or plastic.
    Option for Bogg to speak available upon request! (Additional Cost will apply)
    Not seen anywhere else GUARANTEED

    If you decide to pick up the Voyagers DVDs, any chance of a review? I vaguely remember watching this show or something like it with a kid who travels back to ancient Egypt, falls for a young girl, returns home in a pyramid and then walks outside and meets the same young girl from ancient Egypt as his new next door neighbor.

    David Thornton

  2. crank! Says:

    Ahh! … now that’s more like the prices I remember seeing (on the iOffer store that is).

    200 for the action figure?!?!?!?

    If I only had the cash I could get a replica of the Omni:


  3. Mike Says:


  4. groble Says:

    wow love the new interface, very flash

  5. Paul Storrie Says:

    Geek alert:

    Guy’s name was, of course, Jon-Erik Hexum. He made the mistake of putting a blank gun up to his temple and pulled the trigger. The paper ‘wadding’ from the blank shot out, smashed into his temple and was enough to kill him.

    Real geek alert:

    I did look up the proper spelling on IMDB (Hexum I got right, Jon-Erik I spelled wrong).


  6. Shane Kelly Says:

    Crank & Mike,

    I have to tell you I almost shit my pants when Crank said he was looking for episodes of “Tales of the Gold Monkey”. That is probably my “grail” as far as TV shows I need to get DVDs of. No one and I mean no one I ever talk to even remembers that show. I never see any DVDs at shows, I never really looked either. I figured if no one I talk to knows about this show no one has them. Let me know if you have a link to someone that sells them. Keep up the great work, love the show!

    – Shane

  7. crank! Says:

    Shane, check out the link David left above … I don’t know if the dealer is shady or not (beyond the obvious fact that he’s selling boots) but he apparently has them as well as the Voyagers show.