Crankcast Episode 36 – 061406

crank! This was circa '91Gimme a 3! Gimme a 6! Gimme a beer!

This week on a 36th episode of the Crankcast so brief and silent you'd barely notice it lying next to you …Crank discovers that drinking and cutting hair probably isn't the smartest idea ever, Mike recalls his wild weekend of debauchery and comics in Iowa and finally more listener email.

Music by Material Issue and Divebar.

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Episode 36 – Time: 50min. – File Size: 22.9mb

13 Responses to “Crankcast Episode 36 – 061406”

  1. groble Says:

    oh god late night hair cutting is never a good idea. i know. oh how i know

  2. groble Says:

    you guys can’t miss a show. you’ve kept to the schedule so well, you can’t stop now.

    whatever mike does will be great.

    just hope he can post it

  3. Kendall Bruns Says:

    thanks… damn that Dove!

  4. crank! Says:

    It’s true … my hair is a mess. I’ve been wearing a cap forever now.

    We’ll figure something out for the show, but it is an interesting situation seeing as the gear we usually use will be locked up in my apt.


  5. David Thornton Says:

    Why not have a crossover with Comic Geek Speak that features Mike talking about some of his convention experiences?

    CGS has the technology to record phone calls and Mike would be an entertaining guest who would be also be promoting the Crankcast.

    Love the 80s TV talk. It’s always fun to go back and re-examine what entertained us when we were younger and think about how it shaped our future interests.

    As always, excellent show!

    David Thornton

  6. groble Says:

    the only problem is mike wouldn’t know how to put it up. mike has a mac right. why not just show him how to record it on that and put it up

  7. groble Says:

    i just got the pipettes album after you played that song on the show. LOVE IT! thanks so much cranky and mikey

  8. crank! Says:

    The Pipettes are like a sno-cone on a hot summer day, fantastic and refreshing … but you don’t want something that sugary all the time so be careful or you’ll get a toothache.

    Good call Dave we’ll throw that in the idear pool.

    Yeh Mike doesn’t exactly know how all this mumbo jumbo works, but no matter what we do I’ll have to show him so no prob.

    I think.


  9. crank! Says:

    P.S.: No one has anything to say about my long locks at age 17?

  10. Jenny Says:

    You’re so pretty.

  11. groble Says:

    oh that picture is you? i didn’t even make the connection. duh

  12. LIZ Says:

    crank ,your hair?

    I totally would have boned you. You totally could have been in soundgarden. totally.

  13. crank! Says:

    Oh geez Liz, I don’t think I’ve heard someone say ‘boned you’ since that picture was taken.