Crankcast Episode 42 – 072606

San Diego Comic-Con42 … Yep we missed out.

This week  on a completely superficial and shallow episode of the Crankcast …
Devil's Due Publisher, Sam Wells, stops by to tell us what losers we are for missing the big con, we talk a bit about viral marketing and the entertainment industry and why 'Snakes on a Plane' may not be so good. Last, but certainly not least, we read some more listener email.

Music by the Horrorpops and Forbidden Dimension.

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Episode 42 – Time: 63min. – File Size: 28.9mb

15 Responses to “Crankcast Episode 42 – 072606”

  1. grovel Says:

    OMG I’m only 2 seconds in and this is my favourite episode yet!!!

  2. Mike Says:

    did you mean to make your name “grovel”? If not, that’s friggin’ funny.

  3. Taber Says:

    Blasphemy! Netflix is way better than Blockbuster on-line. I tried Blockbuster for two months and found their interface clunky, they didn’t carry unrated or NC-17 films. Plus everytime I would type something into the search bar I would always get Star Trek episodes. The two free in-store coupons were fine because they worked on video games, but since Blockbuster has their in-store Subscription plan where you pay the monthly fee and keep stuff as long as you like, there were never any decent games in…ever. I guarantee Netflix has more movies than Blockbuster in volume and in different titles. Although oddly, they do not carry the film Santa’s Slay starring Bill Goldberg.

  4. Sam W Says:

    Well well well. Look at that. I might just stop by my local Netflix store on the way home and pick it up. Oh wait…

  5. Sam W Says:

  6. LIZ!! Says:

    you explained waking life THE EXACT way I thought about it, but couldn’t put it in to words. you are a fucking genius…or I’m just as idiot.

  7. LIZ!! Says:

    yeah i’m AN idiot. I can’t spell thnigs right.

  8. LIZ!! Says:

    or read things right…..VIRAL….

  9. groble Says:

    hey who the hecks this grovel guy? he certainly aint me. i suspect foul play. =0(

  10. crank! Says:

    Hey that wasn’t you? If that’s the case then it was just a mean spirited post.


  11. grovel Says:

    It wasn’t meant to be mean spirited! Groble is awesome for supporting you guys and being a your overly excitable no.1 fan. I was just trying to fill in for him while he was away.

  12. Mars Says:

    Crank… you better surface from your cave, climb off your couch, and make an appearance this weekend. What other way can your adoring fans make fun of you?

  13. crank! Says:

    Fans? You’re going to give me a complex …


  14. Sam Says:

    I think they mean air conditioners, fans don’t actually make the air colder they just cool the sweat from your body faster. Where’s the new show?!

  15. groble Says:

    FAO Grovel.

    no worries, i thought it was funny. thanks for filling in for me =)