Crankcast Episode 45 – 081606

Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!Crankcast 45, does it every time.

This week on a Crankcast that has + 10 to charisma (that's because they're pretty!) Tim Seeley returns! Now all you people that complained he isn't on the show enough can shut up. Crank and Mike listen to Tim's amazing tales of the legendary land that is GenCon. I think that's in Middle Earth somewhere… Or Indiana. Finally the guys talk about various and sundry comic book related silliness. See? It IS a comic book podcast!

Music by the the Samplesonic and the Spindles.

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Episode 45 – Time: 64min. – File Size: 29.3mb

4 Responses to “Crankcast Episode 45 – 081606”

  1. Taber Says:

    I guess I should come clean, Dan is actually a Beta Unit sent to take my place while I was saving the rylan galaxy from the armies of Xur.

  2. groble Says:

    what was that thing at the start?

  3. groble Says:

    another good show, tim was most entertaining, but really must he burp so much? someone needs to teach him some manners.

    anyway i just thought i’d mention that i once went to gen con UK which is like the only big geek-centric event in the uk really, and it was great, and i saw alot of the same kind of stuff that tim was mentioning.

    and if going to Gencon didn’t make me a big enough geek, i was there taking part in an AD&D tournament. (we came 3rd)

    anyway keep up the good work
    lots of love

  4. crank! Says:

    Grobles … the intro was a skit by a comedy group called the Dead Alewives … look it up on youtube, it’s kinda funny.

    Taber, you know you speak to my heart when you reference the Last Starfighter right?