Crankcast Episode 49 – 091306

Taber's back again!This week on a 49th episode of the crankcast that promises twice the recommended daily allowance of Chris Taber … the guys discuss Taber's defection to his own show (it's so hard to see your children grow up).  Taber schools us about the indy film formula, and why Mike should buy Evil Dead: Regeneration for his Xbox 360, finally Crank tells us who Lonely  Girl 15 is while Mike ignores us and checks his email.

Featuring music by nobody.

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Episode 49 – Time: 73min. – File Size: 33.5mb

8 Responses to “Crankcast Episode 49 – 091306”

  1. Taber Says:

    Actually, Evil Dead: Regeneration is for PS2 not XBOX 360. You may have some compatibility issues if you try to play it on your XBOX 360.

  2. Taber Says:

    Holy crap, speaking of Troll 2…

  3. Jenny Says:

    I need to say two things to you Taber: 1. Taber Tots, that is the name of your new podcast. 2. When you relived that scene in Death Tunnel “I can smell the bacon,” southern accent and all, it brought back some terrible memories. The real reason I don’t live with Crank anymore? He made me watch Death Tunnel.

  4. Taber Says:

    I narrowly escaped the nickname Taber Tots in High School. My friend Tate was bestowed that honor instead.

    And It would be a nice name if it was my own podcast, but since it is a collaborative effort I would like to refrain from having a personalized title.

    Also, I think Death Tunnel has been a leading cause of broken relationships and disgruntled rommates the world over.

  5. groble Says:

    god i’ve been too busy to listen but this one sounds like a damn good show. (’bout time =p)

  6. groble Says:

    oh my god how fricking weird

    you started talking about peices of april, and then started going on about all these other films i love, and then when you mentioned the station agent i nearly died, i thought no one else would have seen this midget train man film.

    this is why i listen to your show, we watch the same weird films.

  7. crank! Says:

    Us watching so many films = too much time on our hands.

    Jenny I’m hurt.


  8. Taber Says:

    Hey Groble,
    Um, thanks for the letter. I have turned it in to the authorities for analysis. Now I know why I shouldn’t give my address out to the world. ;-)