Crankcast Episode 71a – 021407

Feel the love!See how much we love you (or your mom) this Valentine's? Another two part show!

This week on a guest filled episode of the Crankcast with more tangents than geometry class … Chris, Sal & Tom from Around Comics come by to talk about almost everything but comics.

Having five people in one room all bullshitting means a long show, so make sure you take a pee before you listen to the b part.

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Episode 71a – Time: 54min. – File Size: 24.5mb

16 Responses to “Crankcast Episode 71a – 021407”

  1. G. Noel Gross Says:

    Fine point. Definitely the Fine Point Sharpie.

  2. Drew M Says:

    Dogpatch USA, Mike Norton’s pick for the best amusement park in the nation!

  3. Jenny Says:

    I really enjoyed the Urban Planning portion of the show. I would totally listen to Around Comics if it weren’t about comics, I was making weird muffled snorting sounds trying to contain my laughter while listening at work. I also want to hear the story of the Lou Barlow/Sharpie conversation in its entirety.

  4. Crowley Says:

    Best Crankcast EVER!


    Plymouth Horizons are awful, awful cars.

  5. the amazing wally Says:

    Plymouth Horizons are awful, awful cars.

    “…its a plymouth horizonnnnnn…it is not a JOY to DRIVE!”

  6. Leigh Webb Says:

    great episode guys really enjoyed the secret origin of Around comics,

    you American’s are weird

  7. crank! Says:

    Hey tanks for listening folks … Americans are indeed weird.


  8. keith cunningham Says:

    I’m not weird. . . *a single tear rolls down my cheek and then I go read some Sandman*

  9. Miles Says:

    Howdee Crankcasters.
    Thanks again for a great show.

    If you were interested in some underground exploration sites – – >

    Mostly Big storm-drain and disused underground railway exploration

    check the gallery section of the Sydney cave clan for some awesome pix

  10. Miles Says:

    Look out H.R. Giger

  11. skottie young Says:

    Mike, you lived in TN and didn’t know that it’s DOLLYWOOD…not Dollyworld…jesus christ!!

  12. Mike Norton Rules You Says:

    I SAID Dollywood ya fool! Get the wax outcho ears.. you probably heard someone else… I know all about Dollywood.

  13. keith cunningham Says:

    Yeah! Mike’s gonna get married at Dollywood!

    (Keith: Not Helping)

  14. Thomas Katers Says:

    That plymouth horizon treated me well. I once drove it through a shallow brook, while looking for a cottage.

  15. keith cunningham Says:

    With a basket of goodies for grandma?

  16. fat Says:

    You’ll be back Mike. They always comeback.