We can finally talk about it!

Norton goes D.C. exclusive, here's the interview on CBR.


7 Responses to “We can finally talk about it!”

  1. Josh Flowers Says:

    Congrats Mike! That’s awesome.

  2. Nando Says:

    That’s freakin’ great dude, congratulations!

  3. Drew M Says:

    who the hell does Mike Norton think he is anyway… he’s on my hate list now…


  4. Will Says:

    Congratulations Mike. Now Kenny and Ninja gets to eat. YEAH!

  5. Taber Says:

    Congrats Mike…although would it have hurt you to plug the Crankcast just once in that interview?

  6. Sam Says:

    i thought mike was exclusive to julie? does that mean i can have her phone number?

  7. Dan Says:

    Congrats Mike! Question: will this announcement make my original Mike Norton drawing of me as a gay rollerblader go up in value?