Crankcast Episode 74 – 030707

Stop all tha downloadin ... oh noes!Hey Kid! Ima computa!

This week we struggle to remember our recent events and come up with something interesting to talk about … and then we get boring and have a serious talk on the future of printed comics. Then we lighten up with some email (thanks for the save!).

Feat. music clips by Modest Mouse and Tora Tora.

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Episode 74 – Time: 60min. – File Size: 27.5mb

14 Responses to “Crankcast Episode 74 – 030707”

  1. the amazing wally Says:

    I think the movie you’re referring to Crank is Fortress

    and i cant beleive im the first post
    this is either really cool or really sad and im not sure which.

  2. crank! Says:

    I’m cool with it if you are … and yeh Fortress …. that was it.


  3. Sam Says:

    Dude I didn’t even listen to the episode but if you guys are talking about Fortess I want in. Crank, don’t you remember me talking about this a year ago? I so want to see this again. Creeped me out as a kid.

  4. crank! Says:

    Don’t have it, do remember you talking about it and still havn’t found a copy.

    Still looking though,

  5. Servo106 Says:

    I remember Whoops. It was Gilligans Island with an A-Bomb.
    My TV Show no one remembers is The Charmings.

  6. crank! Says:

    Snow White sitcom or something wasn’t it? I don’t recall seeing it but I sorta remember it being on.


  7. Taber Says:

    The Dish and The Castle are on my “to see” list. In fact I had rented them both countless times at my video store jobs, but never got around to watching them. The Dish is higher on the list due to the presence of Patrick Warburton.

    The movie Crank was thinking of was Peter Wier’s Picnic at Hanging Rock.

    A few Australian films I’ve enjoyed recently both star Bryan Brown incidentally, Dirty Deeds and Two Hands. Dirty Deeds is a retro 50’s gangster comedy that features John Goodman and one of the chicks from Wolf Creek. Two Hands is a Tarantino-esque crime caper featuring Heath Ledger and the delicious Rose Byrne and directed by Gregor Jordan who did the awseome Buffalo Soldiers with Joaquin Phoenix.

    I own Three Extremes, but have yet to watch it.

  8. crank! Says:

    Isn’t John Goodman dead?

  9. Sal! Says:

    What’s the dillio with all the comics talk. That’s not what you do. Stick to the format dammit!

  10. the amazing wally Says:

    Crank!: I dunno about John Goodman being dead but now they have Rachel Ray hawking Dunkin Donuts
    just what i need. >.

  11. Jonix Says:

    I can tell you that I happen to be on a very good comics message board at Red vs Blue. I’ve been thinking about a comic shop with an actual atmosphere other than “Sweaty-guy behind the counter trying to sign you up for a pull list before going to hang out with his Magic: The Gathering buddies.”

    Great ep. Love the hour-long…edness.

  12. crank! Says:

    I will stress again (mostly b/c I know I ramble a bit when heated and don’t know if I stated this implicitly) there are some great comic shops that it’s been my pleasure to shop at.

    And then there were wierd dank basement/cave/dungeon things that are seared into my memory.

    I like comic shops, I’m sad that some of them see downloads, and by association me, as an enemy, an annoyance or a passing fad.


  13. Sam Says:

    I’ve got it on my queueueueueueue now. We should see it in about two years.

  14. the amazing wally Says:

    Crank!: in regards to teh whole downloadable comics thing…nothing will ever be able to replace the feeling of having the book in your hand and i think that that also plays into things a little.