Crankcast Episode 75 – 031507


This week on the comedy of errors we like to think of as the Crankcast, Tim Seeley rejoins us as we further kink our recording plans. We talk a bit about 300, Cap's death, plagiarism and Mike's stolen car … then to some offbeat lister mail (thanks!).

Feat. music clips by Thin Lizzy and Brainiac.

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Episode 75 – Time: 74min. – File Size: 33.9mb

8 Responses to “Crankcast Episode 75 – 031507”

  1. Nando Says:

    Last year I got my car broken into. Motherfucker stole my stereo, fucked up my door, and stole my spare tire from the trunk…the fucking spare tire man! all of this in front of my house.
    Sorry to hear about your car dude, that sucks…

  2. multiple john Says:

    2 years ago somebody vandalized my car. I think they were try to break in but but something must have scared them off because they messed up my door and thats all. Sorry to here about your car. Heck I’m already feeling down and I have’nt heard the show. GO cRANKcAST

  3. crank! Says:

    I think if you live in Chicago the least you can expect is a B&E … someone broke into my last car to steal nothing more than the parking sticker.

    Effed up city I tell ya.


  4. Jonix Says:

    Oddly, before I even listened to this episode, I was thinking about how you guys are the “Seinfeld” to Around Comics’ “Bill Maher’s Politically Incorrect.”

    Geez, up until this ep, I was hoping to move to the Chicago area. Never mind that.

    Mike’s neurotic’s disposition is his biggest pull.

  5. McGuffin Says:

    mike your car drives like a dream! where the hell is the microphone that goes in this case though?

  6. Will Says:


    I’m not a Tolkein character

  7. Will Says:

    PS Crank, the cops theme from the Troops Parody… classic!

  8. crank! Says:

    Haha …. nothing symbolic there or anything … I was looking for the Cops theme and stumble on that one first.