Crankcast Episode 99 – 082907

Stuart Gordon ... Taber's got a crush on him.99 crank balloons Taber-lloons!

This week Taber's back to tell of his adventures in L.A., what movies we should be watching and whatnot. Mike then reads emails in more of a monotone than usual.

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Episode 99 – Time: 84:30min. – File Size: 38.7mb

15 Responses to “Crankcast Episode 99 – 082907”

  1. David D. Says:

    Enjoying the episode now…. but I had to stop to yell (thankfully not out loud at the office) “Falkor, you fools… FALKOR!”

    And then I was filled with shame. You know, one of those, ‘I should have gone out and thrown the ball around more when I was a kid’ moments.

  2. crank! Says:

    Yeh but Mike lost things he threw around as a kid.


  3. David D. Says:

    Indeed… I will avoid imagining it as a camo ball in my self-recriminations.

    Wow… GoreWalken. That is a hell of thing. And Taber does one of the best Gores I’ve ever heard.

  4. G. Noel Gross Says:

    Thanks for defending AVP, Crank.

    When’s Taber going to embrace the dark side?

  5. Thomas Katers Says:

    Mike! I feel your pain regarding getting to movies on time. One of the most interesting facets of my realtionship with my girlfriend is the constant battle over time. I have to come up with strategies in order to get us places on time.

    Going to the movies takes on an almost Risk like level of strategy.

  6. David D. Says:

    And, of course, living in a big city only adds even more math to the equation because there is almost never a time when the place is going to be empty. I’m with you on the movie anxiety as well. I just want to be able to relax, and know we’ve got seats, etc. Even if you have to watch 15 minutes of crappy advertising before the trailers, it is worth it, because you’re in and it’s all set. But when you are running late enough that the whole night might be shot, then that is just not the reason you decided to go and see a movie in the first place.

  7. Thomas Katers Says:

    I find it quite revealing that Hawdcore spent so much time telling us what he didn’t like. Why doesn’t he talk about stuff he likes? I find it hard to accept negative criticisms from people when they don’t offer anything positive in contrast.

    I suggest that he read this post by Rick Remender:

  8. mike hawdcore Says:

    okay mr. katers, heres what im reading and what i actually like:
    avengers initative
    black summer
    doktor sleepless
    american virgin
    ex machina
    hack slash
    walking dead
    true story…
    ultimate spider-man
    amazing spider-man
    captain america
    ghost rider
    iron man
    mighty avengers
    new avengers
    new warriors
    punisher war journal
    the order
    astonishing x-men
    all star batman
    detective comics
    all star superman
    stormwatch phd
    the programme
    army @ love
    jack of fables
    new universal
    tank girl
    the boys
    and alot of other things i cant think of right now along with alot of current ogns.
    i think i read enough to know what i think is good and what is not worth my time.

    i really didnt think this would send people over the edge like this, but fuck it. excuse me for having an opinion. and actually saying what is on my mind.

  9. Mike McAsskicker Says:

    Mike, Mike, Mike… Nobody is faulting you for having an opinion. We SAID that. But to blanket state that people suck (especially when you seem to be the minority), why do you make such statements in a place where you gotta know people are gonna disagree with you? Are you really surprised?

  10. mellon Says:

    you know, norton.

    with a nomenclature like ‘McAsskicker’… it conjures images of you in ninja garb, throwing stars in hand, ready to meet out justice to any who come in contact with the cold steel of your katana.

    just sayin’.


  11. Will J Says:

    On a lighter note, I can’t help picture a young Mike Norton walking in circles in the woods looking for a camouflaged colored ninja star in the woods, angrily cursing the a things affiliated with ninjas.

    I have to admit I’m laughing while typing this.

  12. a million bad jokes Says:

    I got nothin’.

  13. David D. Says:

    If I had John From Cincinatti like powers, I would approach Mike at a Con, pull that camouflaged throwing star out of my pocket, and walk away.

    What would later be referred to as Mike Norton’s “Legendary Ninja Period” would directly follow.

  14. crank! Says:

    Man … I just had a thought … if Ninja’s are dangerous anyway, imagine one on a period.


  15. skottie young Says:

    Ok…I’m sorry. But I played Silent Hill, and watched the movie…and that was a piece of shit!!!!!!!!! “Who did this mommy? I don’t like this mommy!” The worst child actress ever!