Show Delay

Hi there, nice to see you again.

This week between connage and moving stuff the shows gonna be a leetle late.

We do have some vid from the con, just not enough for a good show … we'll post it anyways though.

There'll be a regular audio show up sometime this week as well.



8 Responses to “Show Delay”

  1. Will J Says:

    Great to hear… According to the first half of the Around comics podcast 125c-Saturday you were a no-show so its good that you were able to go and have some fun. They were calling you out son!

    Looking forward to the show as always.

  2. Angry Fanboys of the World Says:

    A delay?? Fire all the editors involved! All human endeavors should be perfect and punctual! Because I’m LONELY!!!


    Angry Fanboys of the World (A.F.W.)

  3. Heath Says:

    *falls over into violent sobs*

    This was supposed to be the highlight of my week!

    *reaches for bottle of whiskey*

  4. keith cunningham Says:

    The hope of this episode was the only thing keeping me from jumping. . . . NOW don’t you feel bad, Crank.

  5. crank! Says:

    I always feel bad.

    I saw the AC guys on Saturday … wierd.


  6. G. Noel Gross Says:

    No Crankcast. JFC cancelled. Mother of god, Crank.

  7. A Puppy Says:

    (cries… just cries)

  8. Heath Says:

    You’ve only got one day left to make your promise! This is Thursday, Crank! I don’t listen to podcasts on Saturday!

    But for you…I would.