Crankcast Episode 106 – 101707

day-man.gifMike and I are back!

This week on a refreshed & relaxed episode of the Crankcast … Mike and I wake up to talk about … stuff.

Featuring music by the Fuglees and Jonathan Coulton.

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Episode 106 – Time: 60min. – File Size: 27.5mb

15 Responses to “Crankcast Episode 106 – 101707”

  1. Drew M Says:

    I love me some Electric Dream Machine. The Night Man sucks…
    -Drew M

  2. Josh S. Says:

    Downloading the show now.

    Hey, I noticed Mike’s name was conspicuously absent from DC’s January solicitations. I hope it means he’s getting a little breather (and letting his eyes heal after the 24HCPC). Or is he working harder than ever on some super-secret project?

  3. Josh S. Says:

    Also, the lead actress on Chuck is Australian.

  4. burnham Says:

    This episode was an atrocity – bring back Josh, Sean & Sam!

  5. Heath Says:

    Great show, guys. Not to sound sissy, but I missed you last week. Since the 24 hour comic podcast, I have a crankcast shaped hole in my heart.

  6. Razorburn2021 Says:

    Oh man… I’d almost forgotten about The Crystal Gobbler! Please tell us that there is an actual project in the works. Please, can he PLEASE have a cool catchphrase like “BASTE EVIL!”?

  7. Drew M Says:

    I’m pretty sure “Baste Evil!” was the tagline for that The Phantom movie with Billy Zane in it…

  8. Leigh Webb Says:

    neither this ep or lasts weeks have pop up on itunes yet.

  9. Henrik! Says:

    Last weeks episode is on iTunes but so far not this one

  10. crank! Says:

    Crud, I upgraded Podpress, I knew something would go wrong … I’ll look into it.


  11. crank! Says:

    Ok all should be more or less working correctly again … look for a new site design soon.


  12. mellon Says:

    ooohhh. new site design?

    gettin’ all fancified on us?


  13. mellon Says:

    just listened to the episode…

    mike, you need to make a t-shirt with and angry you head and put the phrase “my anger is vast” on it.


  14. multiple john Says:

    Addressing comments on the value of canadas’ greatest band Bare Naked Ladies: I live in michigan thats practically canada.

    Concerning the big bang theory show. I just haven’t gotten around to it. Maybe I will maybe I won’t. I still like it and I’m not alone. Pants of CGS likes it too. Consider me an honorary member of O.O.P.S. I’m not exactly sure what that acronym stands for but I’m in.

    As far as the format of the show changing. Its about darn time. The thing that makes the crankcast so good is its three pronged attacked of geekery. Comics, Film and Music. You guys are fountains of knowledge in the mundane and the not so important which is great. However its your presentation that brings it all together. Great transitions from one conversation to the next connected by thoughtful musical arrangements kept this show fresh and compelling.
    When crank went on musical strike there was a definite change in the tone of the show. I was wondering if the show was going to last. I mean you guys are always angry about something which I like but for a while you seemed bored and disinterested as well. I’m just glad the musics back. I post this despite Mike fundamental opposition to all things ninja but I know you listen to the totally rad show and on last weeks episode they mentioned “jumper”. These guys got an interview with the writer and talk about the upcoming film. Sounds pretty cool.

    later gents.

  15. crank! Says:

    Thanks John, I did wonder whether anyone cared whether there was music or not.