Crankcast Episode 108 – 103107

The Redemption.

This week on a Crankcast that’s so scary you’ll crap your pants… Taber returns to atone for his past, we go over som spoooookyhalloween movie picks and finally, some truly terrifying email!

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***EDIT: had some problems with the file at first around 38 minutes … it’s fixed now!***

Episode 108 – Time: 73min. – File Size: 33.5mb

11 Responses to “Crankcast Episode 108 – 103107”

  1. brian Says:

    You broke my brain around 37:54 into this.

  2. M. Bender Says:

    Are there some audio problems with the download from about the 38 to the 40 minute mark?

  3. crank! Says:

    Sorry about that … a track got shifted … fixing now.


  4. David D. Says:


    (Come on… the reasons should be On-Theme, right??)

  5. G. Noel Gross Says:

    Um, can we get Taber 2 back?

  6. Matt Says:

    Good episode. Man, that guy was actually starting to get some movie cred with me…Until he said “you can’t go into Saw 4 blind.” Actually, that’s the only way you should watch any of the Saw movies, blind. Rusty fork, technical pencil, whatever it takes. better yet, not watch them at all.

  7. jimjim Says:

    The movie frostbitten is swedish. I went to its premiere at the gothenborg film festival a year ago.
    Without a doubt one of the worst movies I have ever seen. And I have seen Bloodryanhahahah II.
    It´s ridiculous with people taking red pills and turning into vampires and theres talking dogs.

  8. Taber Says:

    JimJim your description just inspired me to move Frostbitten to the top of the Netflix Queue. I’ll give you my review when I’m on the ‘cast next. Talking dogs in a vampire movie, are they voiced by Danny DeVito and Diane Keaton?

  9. Razorburn2021 Says:

    Be careful, Taber… If you reference a Look Who’s Talking movie three times, it summons a sequel. The last one nearly cost Scorsese his life. You think about that. You think long & hard.

  10. Taber Says:

    Is that like the Bloody Mary urban legend? If you look in a mirror and chant “Look Who’s Talking”, “Look Who’s Talking, Too”, and “Look Who’s Talking Now” a sequel will appear. Or Kirstie Alley appears and eats you.

  11. Razorburn2021 Says:

    Man… We got some kinda comments SPOOKTACULAR goin’ here. If Shelly Long becomes involved, I’m gonna have to cover my eyes.