Crankcast Episode 120 – 012308

Nixon's Pals by Joe Casey and Chris BurnhamMore Moreno per second than any other podcast this week!*

This week on a shaky episode of the Crankcast that contains twice the recommended daily allowance of Chris Moreno… we talk about why you should visit, Mike asks Chris why he can’t say no and we read much less of your email. (keep sending it, we just ran long this week)

*this is completely unverified – crank!

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Episode 120 – Time: 71min. – File Size: 32.6mb

16 Responses to “Crankcast Episode 120 – 012308”

  1. multiple john Says:
    Just a reminder of whats coming soon to a theater near you.

  2. multiple john Says:

    Screw the elections this guy’s got my vote.
    I know you folks don’t follow sports but I thought this was really funny.

  3. Ben Weldon Says:

    I downloaded from iTunes and it’s only 13:07 long. What up with that?

  4. crank! Says:

    I’m loving me sexy, but unfortunately iTunes isn’t. I’m not sure why it screws up on random folks.


  5. steve Says:

    Mike – I too love 10 Things I Hate About You, and it sucks me in every time it’s on TV

    And, I too watched Head as a young child ( 8 – 9 ) just because it was the Monkees, and have been disturbed ever since

    Woo Hoo! iTunes worked this week for me!

  6. Josh S. Says:

    Jack Nicholson co-wrote Head?!

    Head had a script?!!


  7. paul Says:

    More words of wisdom from the warrior re: recent events:

  8. crank! Says:

    Yes it’s mind-blowing but true… HEAD was scripted.

    Mr. Warrior freaks me out.

    more than a little bit.


  9. Heath Says:

    Cool episode, guys, thanks.

    While the final version of Highlander 2 is much better than the original version, it’s still a far cry from good. While I love the series, I agree with Mike that the MOVIES should have stopped after the first one. But you can’t have my series.
    But I wanted to ask you guys, have you seen the anime? Highlander: Vengeance? It’s REALLY good. It’s got it’s own continuity that doesn’t rely on Connor or anything else, and it’s so much better for it. It’s written by David Abramowitz, the guy who made the show cool in it’s later years. He’s also writing the upcoming Highlander video game.
    Should I send this in as an e-mail?

  10. Nathan Says:

    Did you guys notice that you switched the mike back on after you signed off?

  11. crank! Says:

    It’s tough having to switch Mike on.

    I left it in b/c I thought it was funny.

    +1 person who actually was able to dl it all and bothered to listen to the end

  12. multiple john Says:
    sorry about that link.
    It was a fun episode. I was just thinking if Chris Moreno and Skottie Young Mike Norton had gone to Savannah college of art and design together. They probably could have started or in Mikes case warmed the bench of their basket ball team.

  13. Heath Says:

    I listened to the end!
    I think one of these days you should just keep recording for a while and not tell Mike, then not cut it out in editing. I suspect that the whole Mike Norton persona is all very much a put on.
    No, I don’t really, Mike’s awesome.
    I love you guys….*sniff*

  14. G. Noel Gross Says:

    Guest = Silent Crank

  15. David Thornton Says:


    Found a Scientology article you might find interesting:,9171,972865,00.html

    David Thornton >>

  16. Chris Burnham Says:

    Thanks for ordering Nixon’s Pals, buddy!