Crankcast Episode 133 – 20080423

Back from the New York Comic Con!You are correct my dear fellow, my whip is indeed a janky hooptie.

This week on the Crankcast… Mike’s back from the New York Comic Con, Skottie joins us before fleeing Chicago and we make up words as we go along. Email!

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Episode 133 – Time: 81min – File Size: 37mb

15 Responses to “Crankcast Episode 133 – 20080423”

  1. Amedeo Turturro Says:

    iTunes doesn’t seem to be recognizing the podcast URL as valid…..don’t know if this is an isolated problem, but I thought I’d give you the heads up just in case.

  2. Henrik Says:

    iTunes is saying something about it being the wrong url and thus it wont download (sorry to be vague, but it’s in danish)

  3. mellon Says:

    crank, if you were online right now, i’d berate you for itunes not letting me DL the new episode, cuz corporate fuckups are your doing, i just know it.

  4. will J Says:

    I thought it was only me so I didn’t say anything, but I’m going through the RSS feed and not through iTunes.

  5. jon Says:

    Feed is still not working whats up??

  6. Andrew Dabb Says:

    Guys, hilarious episode! And thanks for the mention re: Supernatural (Scott and Mike’s pained silence as Crank tried to explain to them what I do on DDP’s Dungeons and Dragons books notwithstanding). I won’t screw up the show too much, I swear. Also, just so the right people get the credit, I’m not writing Wildstorm’s Supernatural comic book, Peter Johnson is, and he’s doing a great job.

  7. crank! Says:

    Sorry for all that trouble folks, thanks for tuning in.

    Andrew, you won’t screw it up… I was being obnoxious, hah!


  8. Bruce O. Hughes Says:

    i was glad to hear from Skottie. it’s been so long sionce the last episode of AC. good luck with the move man!

  9. multiple john Says:
    This link is for multi theft auto an online multi-player version of grand theft auto. Multi-player san andreas was a topic of discussion on the 4-15-08 episode of gfw radio. And if you look through the achieves of the long defunct “gamers daily” podcast its was mentioned there about 2 or 3 years ago. under the right circumstances. It sounds almost like the holy grail of video gaming. Never played it personally though. I’m not a big gta fan. I just happened to be listening to these podcast at the time.
    Crank and Skottie. I hope your individual moves go well. Peace.

  10. crank! Says:

    Thanks for the well wishes,

  11. HeadOrange Says:

    Damn gents. What a great episode.

    Really enjoying BB Mike.

    Good luck Skottie and Crank!

  12. Solario Says:

    The Strangers look interesting. Like Carnival of Souls meets The Others, if those movies were slasher flicks.

  13. multiple john Says:

    Sorry but I have to interupt all the love with a little bit of hate.(not for crank and scottie) instead for a movie i’m currently watching.
    Do you remember swingers, clerks, mall-rats, chasing amy. Of course you do. So did the makers of “Free enterprise”.
    Everything Mike has said about big bang theory (yes i mentioned it again) is true about this movie. Its condescending, patronizing, and it has cool nerds. sorry skottie you are not the norm. You can hear the writers say lets make it like clerks here or mall-rats there how ’bout a little swingers here. Then top it off with a little chasing amy for flavor. This movie sucks…..o.k it gets better after shattner shows up. However all those things i said earlier still apply.

    south-land tails……sucks monkey n@*s. I originally watched this movie while i was playing a video-game and when it ended i mistakenly thought i missed something so I watched it again. Nope i didn’t miss much. Sure I missed some scenes but i didn’t miss anything. It makes no sense. It feels like they took collection of scenes patch them together and hoped they would have a movie when they were done.

  14. Paul Jan Says:

    I’m going to Emerald City, and sad to say, I might be bringing the blicket with me, I’m recovering from it right now…

  15. Taber Says:

    Free Enterprise is a very entertaining film. But I think it was meant to be viewed in 1998 when it was made, hence the Laserdisc shopping spree scene. But I found it to be very sharp and well written. You are wrong Multiple John!

    Before anyone gets too excited for The Strangers, please, please, please see Them from France. It just came out on DVD in the US two weeks ago in a decent deluxe edition. This is essentially the same movie as The Strangers, but see this before anyone starts praising The Strangers’ “originality.”