Crankcast Episode 139 – 20080604

Red Album... You decide.Baby, if you ever wondered…

This week on a Crankcast fraught with technical problems… crank talks about how U-Haul sucks, Mike talks about Narnia and we both talk about the new ‘Red Album’ by Weezer before diving into some mail.

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Episode 139 – Time: 65min. – File Size: 29.8mb

7 Responses to “Crankcast Episode 139 – 20080604”

  1. Joshua Emmons Says:

    We miss you, Crank!

  2. tricklight Says:

    Check out the interview with Uwe Boll on the Creative Screenwriting podcast. I thought since you kids and Tabor seem both fascinated and repulsed by the guy you might want to hear an interview with him that sheds a lot of light on how he continues to make movies. You will also find out how to pronounce his first name.

    I’ve been a fan of your podcast for a while AND I have a pretty interesting life. How does that work into your theory about your listnership?

    Welcome back to Ohio Crank. It could be worse. You could be in Toledo.

  3. G. Noel Gross Says:

    Loved the first long distance podcast. Embrace the wind tunnel, Crank.

  4. chris neeson Says:

    Hey! What’s wrong with Toledo?!

  5. Amedeo Turturro Says:

    Ah…if I had a penny everytime someone sang my name….

    Mike makes a totally valid point on not having to see a film for a second time. My point was more that you can enjoy it right off the bat, as long as you’re watching the film…and not thinking about what you want the film to be.

    Hopefully that makes more sense.

    Regardless, another hilarity filled episode. Good stuff.


  6. crank! Says:

    Josh, I miss Chicago…

    Tricklight, I don’t think we think that ppl that listen to us don’t have good lives or intelligence inasmuch as we think they’re risking them by listening to us…

    Noel, with any luck the wind tunnel will be gone gone gone…

    Chris, I don’t know what’s wrong with Toledo either, but I’ve never been there.

    Amedeo Amedeo, Aaaaamedeo. cha-ching.


  7. jmringuet Says:

    Hey guys, I admire your dedication. Just after a move, to keep on schedule with the ‘cast is amazing. I know a lot of podcasts where people who do it fulltime can’t even record one every week. It’s good to have something to listen to when lettering an issue (I do not like lettering….).