Oops, running late!


Between work and some internet troubles, the show’s gonna be a little late this week.

Sorry about that.


7 Responses to “Oops, running late!”

  1. G. Noel Gross Says:

    Mike so doesn’t own me right now.

  2. multiple john Says:

    No crankcast this week? Maybe a little less call of duty Mr. I don’t play that often. Probably playing right now.
    G. Noel Gross Mike dose own you.

  3. required Says:

    a dose of the one hand clap

  4. David D. Says:

    I think- as your parents could well explain- the Union Army would have never prevailed if they felt they could just show up for battle whenever.

  5. Delva Says:

    I heard mike is the new fill in artist for final crisis its eating up alot of his time
    (by the way I’m joking)

  6. Marshall Says:

    Mike got jumped by the Alley Bear and Chris is smoking with impunity, reveling in the cheap tobacco of Ohio!!!

  7. G. Noel Gross Says:

    Shoot fire. Felt shorn they’d be back by Sunday preachin’.