Mamma M.I.A.!

Crankcast Episode 154 – Missing.

This was going to be it, the episode where we had some brilliantly insightful conversation about comics that would change everything.

There were going to be dancing bears, girls popping out of cakes and party favors.

Unfortunately, I got caught in a nutty wind-storm that knocked the power and cable out for most of the week. When the cable finally did start working it was spotty; it would come on for an hour, then go off again for five.

By the time everything settled down pretty well the week had been blown.

We’ll have a new show up this week, though.

Sorry folks,

9 Responses to “Mamma M.I.A.!”

  1. MarkCalifornia Says:

    No worries Crank, though I was beginning to think that you guys had finally had enough.

  2. Will J. Says:

    Hope you are well, this mean we’re getting a 2 hour show outta it right!

  3. tricklight Says:

    Man, I’m just happy you cats aren’t calling it quits.

  4. Chris Neeson Says:

    I heard that it looked like a war-zone in Cinci after the storm. I know a few people that were without power for 3+ days.

    Looking forward to hearing the story on the next episode!

  5. barrazie Says:

    heard ’bout the storm. Glad all is well in Cinci. Howsaboot gettin’ your listners physical addresses so as to distribute transcripts of the show if this happens again.

  6. Chris Neeson Says:

    I hope the Ohio Grass-man made it through the storm…

  7. luckymustard Says:

    there are still people without power in dayton (less than an hour drive north of cincinnati). some of the highest winds in the area at 78 mph were in the smaller cities between cinci and dayton. still not as bad as those in texas or new orleans. i’ve been jonesin’ for a crankcast. hope to hear you soon.

  8. G. Noel Gross Says:

    Saints be praised. They live!

  9. Dom "of the DEAD" Says:

    Damn that “wind tunnel”! This time it took out an entire episode.