Crankcast Week 171 – 20090115

Let the right 171 in.Let the right 171 in…

This week on an episode of the Crankcast that’s listing… Mike’s future is still the ghetto, Taber’s on for his first 2009 appearance with his best and worst movies of 2008 and crank struggles to be interesting.

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Week 171 – Time: 71:49min. – File Size: 32.9mb

8 Responses to “Crankcast Week 171 – 20090115”

  1. Cameron Rice Says:

    Awesome, just in time for work.

  2. luckymustard Says:

    “benjamin button” screenplay writer is the same as “forest gump”… not the novel writer. :)

  3. G. Noel Gross Says:


  4. Wayne Hagel Says:

    Great show this week, guys. Was it my imagination, or was this week remarkably free of any technical snafus? Unless you count Taber’s, uh, bathroom issues as a technical problem. Hey, crank!, I’m sure Norton doesn’t read these, but you should let him know it looks like old Ted Kord himself’s gonna be on the Batman Brave & The Bold cartoon next week. Figured he probably knows, but I saw the ad tonight and immediately thought that it might help soothe a savage Norton’s rage.

  5. Henrik J Says:

    I will never understand the appeal of WALL-E, it’s like nobody notices the huge flaws that make it a bad movie… *grumble*

  6. Christian Otholm Says:

    I know the weather is absolute shit around here, windy and cold, Henrik, but if you don’t like Wall-E, you have no heart. It is but a shallow, crumbled piece of coal in the shape of a heart.

    A small heart. ;)

  7. Fil Silva Says:

    Fun listen guys. All this Miller hate makes me wonder what his Buck Rogers project will be like.

  8. Brendan H. Says:

    Great top 10 list, Taber, with the exception of Benjamin Button. That movie is amazing on a technical level, but man did it leave me cold. The tangents are the best part of the movie. Glad to hear your love for Role Models though. Damn fine film.