Crankcast Week 178 – 20090306

Who watches the Watchmen?Who watches the Watchmen? The Watchwomen!

This week on an episode of the Crankcast that’s angered at gate-crashers… We talk about the Watchmen experience. That’s pretty much all, suck it.

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5 Responses to “Crankcast Week 178 – 20090306”

  1. Patrick Brower Says:

    Neat to get to hear the Crank! side of this conversation now! It was weird to me to just hear Mike talking to Crank! but to not hear Crank!’s replies at the store. Also, great job, Donovan!

  2. Thebizzz Says:

    I saw watchman yesterday. I’ve skimmed the trade twice read it once. We all know about the trade so what I’m saying now is only about the film. During the film up to a certain moment I thought they should not have made this movie. It was not the subtle plot differences that made me feel this way. I just tried to see this adaptation of what may be the best superhero comic ever from the eye’ s of people who don’t read comics. It never should have been made is what i kept thinking. It looked great and ridiculous. Not because it looked cheap or was poorly done. The costumes were ridiculous in most cases {all of the minutemen}. However that’s not really a big deal that is part of what makes the watchmen trade great. Those costumes visually cue the eras of comics from the golden age the silver age to the now something that may be lost on many who don’t read comics. The watchman trade shows the transformation the general silly nature of superhero comics to the ultra serious and very like real violence that had consequences. Yes I Know that that is sort of the plot of watchmen in a nutshell but I’m not sure film accomplishes that. That’s besides point, do you think that the general audience for this movie will get that? They go see super hero movies for fun not for stuff like that. They want to see stuff explode, see guys fly and most importantly see the good-guys win. Two out of three ain’t bad I guess. Oh the movie is o.k. comic fans should see so the can complain about what was left out. No its really ok there is some entertaining stuff, not in my top five however.

  3. Fil Silva Says:

    Crank!, we haven’t had a Crank!’s Book Corner in awhile which I think would be good material for next week.

  4. Paul Says:

    “Saturday Morning Watchmen” :)

    I like to think that the movie watchmen is about the same compared to the source material as the Lord of the Rings movies were. Stuff had to go, lines were moved around, and parts were just plain redone to take advantage of the film medium. You could have had Frank Miller directing you know :p

  5. G. Noel Gross Says:

    They did the wrong thing by doing the right thing with Watchmen. It’s too long, too faithful.