Crankcast Week 192 – 20090610

Super Celebration at Metropolis this weekend.Come see Mike in tights!

This week’s episode of the Crankcast leads Mike and crank! down unexpected avenues as they drift into a slightly technical discussion on comic’s creation. Sort of. I don’t think it’s terribly boring, but forewarned is forearmed.

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Week 192 – Time: 59min. – File Size: 27.1mb

6 Responses to “Crankcast Week 192 – 20090610”

  1. luckymustard Says:

    what’s the band’s name? vladimir? do you have any links for them? tx!

  2. Fil Silva Says:

    Crank!, does your musical menagerie include a slide whistle because that would rock.

  3. crank! Says:

    @luckymustard the band is the Vladimirs… probably the most informative site is . It’s horror punk type stuff, with some metal junk mixed in.

    @Fil Silva I don’t have a slide whistle, but I do have a penny whistle. Is that close enough? I do think a penny whistle would be good… and maybe a kazoo.


  4. Marshall Says:

    Hey guys,
    Thanks for the kind words.

    Now, about printing…
    Matte paper IS BETTER. I find gloss paper very hard to read. Saturation levels are essential to all good coloring… look at Dave Stewart. He’s the master for picking colors that are appropriate for the art AND the paper.

    Now, as for jaggies… I recommend scanning GREYSCALE 600 DPI then converting it to a bitmap at 50% Threshold. this really is a pretty safe way to get the feathery aspects. Then scale it down to 400DPI (what the colorist will use.)

    Now, what you MIGHT be noticing it in deed something done during the PDFing process. When exporting a PDF from InDesign you can set the amount of reduction. So if they’re converting a 400 DPI file to a 300 DPI file, you’re gonna see some loss. and if the balloons are still vector then you won’t notice any flaw in the balloons but the balloons might look like ass. Especially if scanned directly as bitmap.

    Now, as for color shifts in lettering… I had a case where I lettered a full book and sent it to the printer… then got the horrible e-mail that all the lettering was BUILD black. Somehow some weird thing happened that converted all the lettering on the pasteboard into CMYK build. Now, I had “template” balloons off the pasteboard that was still 100% black. WTF?! I had to open all files and convert the lettering back into just K… weird shit, huh?


  5. Marshall Says:

    Mike skipped “pencils” and just inked over blue line “sketches” for JASON AND THE ARGOBOTS and QUEEN and COUNRTY I believe.
    Post some pages Mike let’s see if my memory is right.

  6. Marshall Says: