Crankcast Week 211 – 20091023

Tim!Dance Meat Puppet!.

This week on an episode of the Crankcast…Tim’s Seeley’s on for the first time in a long, long, while. He talks about his honeymoon in Cabo and what he’s up to these days.


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Week 211 – Time: 60min. – File Size: 27.5mb

5 Responses to “Crankcast Week 211 – 20091023”

  1. Fil Silva Says:

    The Ghost Hunters guys don’t do plumbing work anymore as far as I know, my job use to deal with their Roto Roter and at least one of the guys that worked with them was not a fan of theirs.

  2. G. Noel Gross Says:

    Seeley. Yay!

  3. Nick Says:

    Hey guys whats up – Tim great to hear you on the Crank Cast again and congrats on yer recent nuptials!…

    In regards to Chickenfoot – It blew my mind the first time I heard about it too. What a bizarre lineup but it actually isnt HALF bad. All those guys are great musicians – with the exception of Sammy Hagar who is still an asshole and continues to sing about nothing but chicks, tequila and Cabo. Grow the fuck up Sammy.

  4. the amazing wally Says:

    Who did that cover of Mexican Radio that you used between segments?

  5. crank! Says:

    @wally: that was Celtic Frost…it’s on the album “Into the Pandemonium”. It’s one of my ‘desert island’ albums, it’s weird metal from the 80’s.