Crankcast Week 218 – 20091212

Can You Hear Me Now?Can you hear me?

This week on a Crankcast farught with dropouts…Kevin Mellon joins us to talk about your mom.


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8 Responses to “Crankcast Week 218 – 20091212”

  1. Leigh Webb Says:

    Your Mum thinks this episode was awesome.

    a god mix of stupidity, making comics info and stuff thats going on.

  2. luckymustard Says:

    i’m 3 quarters thru the episode, so sorry if you’ve mentioned – have you guys read dc comics guide to digitally drawing comics?

  3. Mellon Says:


    I know Mike has it, I’m not sure about Crank, and no, we don’t mention it. I do think Mike talks about it a bit on a previous episode, but I’ll be damned if I can recall which one.

    Freddie’s book, a lot like all the “DC Comics Guide To…” is a great resource, but Mike and I both work quite differently in Manga Studio than the Photoshop Techniques that Freddie details quite thoroughly in that book.

    If you’re interested in Manga Studio, the Debut version is a cheap entry point (and the version that Mike and I use) to it. There’s a comprehensive guide out called “Manga Studio for Dummies” that I have, but haven’t really read. Like Mike, I’m very much a “learn by doing” guy.

  4. G. Noel Gross Says:

    Crank sometimes sounds like Muttley of the Wacky Races cartoon.

  5. luckymustard Says:

    thanks kevin! that’s great info there.

    i’m not truly reading freddie’s book from the viewpoint of ever drawing comics, but rather understanding (especially since i do have a working knowledge of photoshop – i have a bs in industrial design) of what the process is in creating comics. if i were to ever get into the business of comics, i’d be most interested in coloring and/or lettering.

    again, thanks! now that i’ve read freddie’s book i have to re-listen to the cc episode where mike talks about the book, as well as the cgs episode(s).

  6. Mellon Says:


    If you’re interested in coloring, go to

    They run a comprehensive site over there full of tips, tutorials and essays on all aspects of comic creation with a heavy emphasis on coloring.

  7. luckymustard Says:

    thanks again! i should soon have my hands on a copy of dc comics guide to coloring and lettering – by chiarello.

  8. Dan Says:

    Well I’m entertained, listening to 2 guys inking their comics, while I’m inking too. Passes the time and good for a laugh.