Crankcast Week 222 – 20100109

Apple's the bomb.You da bomb…

This week on a very late Crankcast…We kick off the first show of the year with Mike explaining all things Shazam to crank while he flips out about hearing too much Apple Tablet talk.


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Week 222 – Time: 80min. – File Size: 36.7mb

6 Responses to “Crankcast Week 222 – 20100109”

  1. Leigh Webb Says:

    Wow You guys really do have a lot of Australian listeners. It might be the poster I put up in my local comic book store advertising Arouns comics, Word Balloon and The Crankast 3 years ago (its still there)

  2. Ben Lloyd Says:

    Great show as always guys. Hearing the Zune segment and thinking: Agreed on the whole interface thing. I’m a Zune user myself, but it really comes down to who you started using first. If you’ve been using Itunes, you won’t like the Zune software interface, and like any other program taking the time to learn the manual settings is always better than right out of the box (or server in this case).

  3. Wayne Hagel Says:

    Great discussion about the Apple/Windows thing guys. Rest assured that from now on “Buying a Mac is like buying a toddler toy” will be the first thing I say when asked which I prefer.

  4. crank! Says:

    @Leigh Webb: holy crow, you put a poster up?

    @Ben Lloyd: I still have to show my dad how to use his Zune…we’ve mastered the basics, but haven’t tackled the actual software end of it yet.

    @Wayne Hagel: hahaha, no you misunderstand…Mike likes to say I hate Mac stuff to get me riled up, but I don’t. It’s decent stuff, but they approach the user accessibility in a way I find limiting. That’s all.

    Oh and @Shables from a few shows ago: try and see if Patrick posted a copy of It’s Cold Outside there, or try emailing him at the store.

    thanks for listening,

  5. luckymustard Says:

    crank, you mentioned splash(-double?) pages in digital comics with a reader and not rotating it to see the “page” in the readable orientation. i’ve recently read a comic that had me rotate the book to read a “tall” splash double-page. so that is used in the comic print industry.

  6. crank! Says:

    I was just relating the point of view of a friend, but I think what he was trying to get across was that only having the one page area to work with you wouldn’t be able to get the same impact of a traditional two-page splash or spread. Sure you could do a horizontal splash that forces the user to physically turn the book, but the effect isn’t the same.

    I think.