Crankcast Week 224 – 20100121

Shazam!All he has to do is utter one word…

This week on a marvelous Crankcast…crank wonders why high school was important and where the war went, while Mike ponders life after the apocalypse and reads email.


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6 Responses to “Crankcast Week 224 – 20100121”

  1. Wayne Hagel Says:

    Crank, I’m right there with you on Predator 2. It’s like Lethal Weapon 2 1/2. Murtaugh running around and chasing aliens. Awesome.

    And Mike, let’s hear more about the new dog. Get another pug, or what?

  2. Will J. Says:

    Gary Busey was in fact in Predator 2.

  3. Crowley Says:

    Wow… some really interesting stuff on this show.

    1. I think the Iraq War has less attention now because the President has said we’ll leave Iraq by 2011 and only have 50,000 troops left until then.

    2. I think you’re very right about the draft being a huge factor for why few initially protested against the war, but the second reason was that initially General Colin Powell was utilized in making a case for invasion to the UN by claims that Saddam Hussein had nuclear weapons or was in the process of creating nuclear weapons. Post 9/11 America was pretty for the war and stopping Hussein based on that evidence (which we later learned was faulty at best), so initially I think that’s why protests were initially not huge.

    3. From 2005-2009 there has been a huge antiwar movement, including huge global protests that the mainstream media ignored, and that leads into Mike’s observation about the nature of the 24 hour news-cycle and our short attention spans kept the media from reporting about the protests. I mean hell, most people think that Iraq was connected to 9-11 and don’t know that the last Vice President ordered a lackey to commit an act of treason against this country.

  4. Ed Says:

    The reason there was so many protest against Vietnam is because the people funding the Communists in ‘nam were also the people funding the protests against the Vietnam War in this country. America had a huge problem with covert anti-american activity.

  5. Spooky Says:

    I hope they cast Crank in a future Captain Marvel audio serial.

  6. crank! Says:

    @Wayne Hagel I know, right?

    @Will J. thanks for the confirm

    @Crowley I think I didn’t express myself well, but what I was trying to say was that in 02-03 there were very visible protests popping up all over the place…at least it seemed like it at the time. Now it seems like not so much.

    @Ed that’s something I hadn’t heard before, but it seems reasonable.

    @Spooky thanks?

    thanks for listening,