Crankcast Week 285 – 20110323

Double Feature ComicsTwo Stories, One Comic, All Digital!

This week on the Crankcast…C2E2 was pretty awesome, but now everyone is pooped and playing catch-up with work so this week’s show is short (which is for the best as it’s really discombobulated).

Josh Emmons did manage to tell us a little bit about Four Star’s new project, Double Feature Comics. It’s a digital comic featuring two short stories each issue by creators such as Tim Seeley, Mike Norton, Phil Hester, B. Clay Moore, Chris Burnham, and more! That’ll be out in April so expect to hear more about this later.

Also, you may remember Hank mentioning last week that he was going to use Kickstarter to raise funding for a short film he was making… see that here and maybe throw a few bucks his way.

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