Crankcast Week 295 – 20110601

Batpug RebootReboot?

This week on the Crankcast…Tim Seeley goes on a tear about the DC reboot and digital announcements, then Mike finally talks about his time at Pugfest.


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3 Responses to “Crankcast Week 295 – 20110601”

  1. leigh Says:

    Sad to hear Mike hasn’t been put on one of the 52, but lets face it they are keeping him in reserve until one of the “Golden Boys” can’t meet the deadline and Mike can come in and bail them out.

    is Young Justice going to keep being published?

  2. Shannon Says:

    I listened to the podcast and i was kinda surprised that one of you didnt see why people were irritated at this whole reset issue. One the majority of the books were well done and they(myself included) do not see why this was done. 2) it seems done in a half baked way with not alot of planning into it. 3) many characters or storylines will be scrapped and as with batman INC. for example people liked how it was going. 4) They have seen this movie before most recently at Marvel with heroes reborn and it was bad and then tossed into the can and the previous universe was put back in place. 5 and lastly JIM LEE’s art and redesigns are awful to many of us. I recall one statement of ” These are comics, its fiction get over it. Yeah i agree so why the garbage redesign of Superman and Wonder Woman’s costumes just as an example. This is why alot of fans(some who are admittedly a little OCD) are ticked. As for the statement of ” Well the ones that are not going to read these anymore.. GReat please leave. They have been reading these books for ages, and contrary to what DC states, this reboot will not replace the vast majority of those that leave with new people. They have movies the internet and Xbox etc to contend with where before comics didnt have that. I am one of those who wont read these so called reboot, because i dont see the point as i liked how things were going. So while you may say ” F*(k em let em leave” thats fine most of us will, and the fact i have been reading DC for ages and preferred them to alot of other companies isnt true anymore.

  3. luckymustard Says:

    i’m only 10 minutes in, and agreeing a bit with what at least some of you crankcast guys are saying. imho, they should just tell good stories. i don’t care if a half-boot is done. it seems like it might help, but like i say… just tell good stories.

    also, i hope mike is involved, but still can’t say. not all 52 titles have been officially announced (with creative teams). he could be saying that because of nda. however, i was disappointed to learn that, be it of his own free will or not, that he’s no longer exclusive with dc. i should check out his recent marvel stuff, but should probably read a copy of gravity i got from mckeever at a con last year.