Crankcast Week 356 – 20120801

Spectacular Spider-Hammond.Spectacular Spider-Hammond!

This week on the Crankcast…Mike discovers that the 70s Spider-Man show is boring, Crank breathlessly relates and spoils the plots to two new movies and we respond to an email asking how to make money at cons. (go email!)

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Week 356 – Time: 76min. – File Size: 34.8mb

5 Responses to “Crankcast Week 356 – 20120801”

  1. the hobo Says:

    Spoiler alert for the Biel tingy man!

  2. Bruce Says:

    “Back in the Jungle” was from George of the Jungle i think…

  3. Bruce Says:

    To chime in on the comic convention topic (as a complete & total nobody)… I’ve been selling my own written & drawn comics at conventions for a few years & i have always broken even or made money.

    I do the thing where i have a handful of recognizable character prints to lure people over & get one of my books in their hands. It works most of the time but it’s never going to get me rich. My hope had always been that someone with a connection to the big leagues would come across my book & give me a shot at something bigger.

    While i still have yet to be published by anyone in Previews i have picked up enough freelance illustration work to stay busy & supplement my budget to produce more original comics.

    I can see a day when something will have to give. The more cons i do the more money it costs & I’m sure the tipping point where profit loses to travel is near. The most i can hope for is when i finally get my shit together for digital sales that something amazing happens there.

    Hell, now I’ve just made myself depressed…

  4. erroll Says:

    wow, great discussion! thanks guys!

  5. crank! Says:

    @the hobo: sorry, thought we’d said spoiler were ahead when I asked them iif they wanted me to tell them the whole thing. How do hobos watch movies?

    @Bruce: don’t be depressed, at least you got the “Meanwhile, back in the jungle…” reference!