Episode 02 – 101905

Church over RuinsWe’re back!

This week’s highlights include:

  • Mike’s mad about the release of the iPod G5 with video capabilities
  • We ramble a bit about T.V. shows old and new
  • Mike Loves Blue Beetle but not Infinite Crisis
  • Crank goes to Cincinnati, OH, sees a metal show and some memories torn down
  • We play music by Splitsville and the outro is by Estuary

The pic above (clickie for a slightly larger version though still crappy) is of a pile of rubble where a club I used to play at has been torn down.

til next week,
– crank!

Episode 02
Time: Approx. 49min.
Size: 22.3mb

One Response to “Episode 02 – 101905”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Excellent Sophomore edition guys

    Norton you have that Boxy Brown voice thats perfect for podcasting.