Episode 03 – 102605

This week’s salient points:

  • Mike tries to win a nifty Blue Beetle piece by Byrne on Ebay
  • Mike reveals his embarassing side
  • We talk about Tim Truman’s "Scout" series and go on to discuss decompressed storytelling and why I think it’s an awful format for a single issue
  • Mike has cons coming up …
  • I completely forget when my birthday is …

We also feature music clips of "My Kingdom for a Trundle Bed" by the Bound Stems and "Come and Go" by Careful!

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– crank!

Episode 03
Time: Approx. 49 min.
Size: 22.2mb

4 Responses to “Episode 03 – 102605”

  1. Digger! Says:

    Happy Birthday Crank!

    I’ll drink one for you mate!

  2. Jenny Says:

    Crank: Well, this weekend on my birthday blah blah blah
    Me: Isn’t it a little early to be talking about your birthday?
    Crank: No
    Me: Yes, yes it is. Your brithday is November 5th. This weekend is Halloween.
    Crank: Oh…

    What would you do without me?

  3. John Bosley Says:

    Dudes, I’ll write a more in depth message later but i just downloaded all you episodes and love em. i could listen to you guys bitch all day long and not get sick of it, i think. anyways keep it up and i’ll write more soon. ps- i found out about this thru the ever wonderful comic geek speak podcast.

  4. crank! Says:

    Thanks guys … we think we’re getting the hang of it.

    John, thanks for reminbding me that we needed to link CGS … they do it so much better than we do.