Episode 11 – 122105

Godzilla - Final Wars!11sies! Fetch me a biscuit!

This week’s choice bits:

  • Patrick Brower comes on the show and reminds me that I’m lame b/c I missed his Christmas get together last week.
  • We talk about making music, stupid band names and long hair.
  • I rave on about Godzilla Final Wars and we chat a bit about the holiday plans.

Music clips by Serpent Crown and the Eggerton Boyz.

We hope everyone has a good time this holiday, take care!

Episode 11
Time: 51 min.
File Size: 23.3mb

6 Responses to “Episode 11 – 122105”

  1. Pete Gorbert (Groble) Says:

    teehee hee. you read my email =D

    you guys had me literally in tears on the train ride home, i felt like a superstar.

    and as for a donation; maybe i’ll send you a special christmas present ;)

  2. Paul D. Storrie Says:

    Hey Guys,

    I’m not *quite* as giddy about having my email read as Groble (who seems REALLY giddy about it), but thanks for the plug on Revisionary! Issue two just hit stands last week, for anyone who cares.

    Still lovin’ the Crankcast.


  3. Chad Says:

    Dude! Great show guys. Strangely entertaining. (-: Were you guys aware that you’ve been having some audio problems the last few shows?

  4. crank! Says:

    Hey guys thanks for listening … we’re goofs.

    Chad, what kind of audio problems do you mean? Things seem to check out on this end …

    Have a great New Years all,

  5. groble Says:

    i didn’t notice any audio problems either.

    and happy new year!

  6. Chad Says:

    The problems seem to be limited to iTunes. When I download the show from your website it’s great! iTunes fades in and out. Gonna go listen to the new one guys! Happy new year!